Secret of Mana Arrange Album, ICO Official Guide Book, Fatal Fury Hat Signed by Falcoon and More!

The one thing about video games that we all love and can attest to is the beautiful music that comes with the game play. We can all agree to a certain point that the game’s soundtrack makes or breaks a game. This is evident in RPG’s as well. When you think of RPG’s like the Final Fantasy’s, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana/Evermore, Xenogears, could these games really have reached their fullest potential if they didn’t have a good soundtrack? The topic is obviously subjective as music preference changes from one person to another. But we can all agree that the above mentioned games had memorable and beautiful music. To this day I still listen to the soundtrack of Chrono Trigger, SoM and the Final Fantasy’s.

With that said, we sometimes look for more and Arranged albums bring exactly that. Arrange albums can be either official or unofficial, both relieving full gratification to the ears as it’s something similar-yet-different than what we normally listen to. Champ-des-pins is an ebay seller who’s been selling soundtracks for many many years. He/she lives in France and I am guessing has a nice tight connection with someone in Japan where he/she is able to get their soundtracks (for dirt cheap). One interesting album I just came across is the Seiken Densetsu Arrange album. If I remember correctly, this is the soundtrack for pre-Secret of Mana as the one North American’s played was Seiken Densetsu 2 in Japan (correct me if I’m wrong). Now by arrange they mean that the composer took the tracks from the game and either does a subtle change adding notes or what not, or they completely remix the track. Again, it’s something different that you can appreciate as I certainly do. When I have some spare change I will be looking into buying the arranged album. Auction below:

Click here for Pre-Secret of Mana Arranged Album

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Way Of the Warrior t-Shirt 3D0

Good luck

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Secret of Mana Arrange Album, ICO Official Guide Book, Fatal Fury Hat Signed by Falcoon and More!

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