Shadow of the Colossus – Sealed Games, Promo Disc, Poster and More

There are very few Shadow of the Colossus collectibles out there compared to other titles. The few that exist are not always that easy to find either. There’s one in particular that I’ve been trying to find which is the “First Colossus” statue from Kotobukiya. I don’t mean the small series of 7. The one I’m talking about stands about 9 inches high and weighs over 6 pounds! If any readers know where one is being sold, please leave a comment!

Now, here are some other great Shadow of the Colossus items currently available on eBay:

Kotobukiya Miniature Figures (Full Set of 7) – The detail on these figures are something you must see to believe. It’s too bad they didn’t make one for each colossus in the game, but they made very good choices related to the experience of the game itself.

Guide & Art Book (Japanese) – This book is beautiful. I’ve looked through it once myself and was amazed at the detail they show from the process of designing each colossus. It also has a detailed map which is great but, I feel that riding around looking for the colossus on your own being guided only by the light and then suddenly finding it is much more exciting.

Original Soundtrack (Sealed) – The soundtrack to this game is perfectly composed. Just as the game is, the soundtrack is full of beauty and mystery. This copy is still factory sealed.

Demo Disc with Original Cover (NTSC) – Here’s a demo of the game released in North America through the Official Playstation Magazine. This demo has something very very interesting about it. Only in this version of the demo (which was originally shown at E3) can you climb to the top of the temple. It’s true! This can’t be done in the final version of the game nor on any other demo. For detail on how this is done, check out this walkthrough on GameFAQs.

Promo Disc (PAL) – This PAL Promo disc is fairly rare and is a worthy addition to any Shadow of the Colossus collection.

Shadow of the Colossus PAL Collector’s Edition (Sealed) – The PAL collector’s edition comes in a cool 2 part box and contains some great extras such as postcards and unique box art. This copy is factory sealed.

Shadow of the Colossus Black Label (Sealed) – The “black label” means that this is the original release of the game as opposed to the red label “greatest hits” re-release. This copy is sealed and in great condition.

Original Japanese Teaser Poster – This is a poster you would have seen in most video game stores in Japan shortly before the game was released. This one being sold on eBay however was never used. It’s still in the original plastic!

Nico DVD (Sealed) – This DVD is amazing. For those who don’t know, Ico is the first game in a trilogy by Fumito Ueda (Shadow of the Colossus is the second game and the Last Guardian will be the third). But, in the early development stages of Shadow of the Colossus, the game was to be called “Nico”. The reason being that the number 2 in Japanese is “Ni”. This combined with Ico is Nico. This DVD, along with many other extras, contains the unreleased Nico trailer! It’s a rare sight to see. I remember Fumito Ueda once said in an interview that Shadow of the Colossus was once supposed to have a multiplayer mode which required 2 to 3 people to work together to be able to take down the colossus. Keep that in mind when watching the video…

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  1. Amazing game, this reminds me to buy the soundtrack, I just love the soundtrack for this game. I also have to get that set and the Statue of the first Colossus by Kotobukiya.

  2. I also noticed a sort of “lacking” of Shadow of the colossus collectibles on eBay. Too bad that game was great. They do have this press kit, I think only 50 ever made. Comes with a t-shirt, a pendant, and an ICO dvd like the one above. One sold on ebay for $1200. I’ve seen them go as high as $900 on auction alone.

Shadow of the Colossus – Sealed Games, Promo Disc, Poster and More

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