Sierra On-Line Systems Collection Mystery House Ultima Hi-Res Lot PC

Wow! It’s been a long time since I drooled over an auction!

After posting on VGA for many years I’m come to the conclusion that many of you are not hardcore Point-Click Adventure gamers, and for that fact have missed out on so many great point-click adventure games from companies like Sierra and LucasArts(LucasFilm). Ahhh…. the good ol’ days. Coming back from school and not giving a damn about anything. Just boot up the computer and play.

Wish I had the money to even place a bid on this lot: Sierra On-Line Systems Collection Mystery House Ultima Hi-Res Lot PC

A lot of game rares here ladies and gents. Have a look!

I’ve decided to sell off my collection of Sierra On-line games. I’m listing most of the pre 1986 Sierra titles I have in this auction. I’ve treated these games probably better than I’ve treated myself since I’ve acquired them over the years. I’ve stored these games in either picture frames (the hi-res adventures) or polypropylene bags. The small folder games like Mouskattack I’ve had stored in sheet protectors for binders for years. Now onto the important part of the description, the games!

Here is what is going in this auction.

1.) Mystery House (Apple II Hi-res adventure #1)

2.) Wizard and the Princess (Atari Hi-res adventure #2)

3.) Cranston Manor (Apple II Hi-res adventure #3) – this game still has original wrap all around it. It was just opened at the seam to get the disk out.

4.) Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (Apple II Hi-Res adventure #4) this game also has the wrap around it, but opened for the disk. Excellent

5.) Time Zone (Apple II Hi-Res adventure #5) – game has all six disks manual and flyers. This is actually on display in the Smithsonian.

6.) The Dark Crystal (Both Apple II and Atari versions Hi-Res adventure #6) One of these even has the original poster.

7.) Ultima I: The Original – complete in SierraVenture box

8.) Mr. Cool (2 copies both complete)

9.) Marauder (complete)

10.) King’s Quest I (IBM 1983 and 1984 versions, The keyboard layout is included.)

11.) Lunar Lander (Complete vic-20)

12.) Dragon’s Keep (Complete)

13.) Apple Cider Spider (Complete)

14.) Sammy Lightfoot (Complete)

15.) Sierra Championship Boxing (Complete)

16.) Stunt Flyer (Complete)

17.) Troll’s Tale (1984 bag release)

18.) Laf Pak (SEALED)

19.) Mouskattack (Complete)

20.) Pegasus II (Complete)

21.) Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (Small folder complete)

If there are any questions or if you need to see better photos/contents please e-mail me. I’ll try to get in contact as soon as I possibly can. I hope these games find a good home, I’ve enjoyed having them around. By the way, the frames are included with the auction. Everything pictured goes. If this sells international, I’m going to have to send thispriority registered international. I will have to send this in two boxes.

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Sierra On-Line Systems Collection Mystery House Ultima Hi-Res Lot PC

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