SNK's Neo Geo MVS Arcade

I want a Neo Geo MVS Arcade machine! Yes, this is the baddest arcade machine. Ok…maybe I’m going overboard but common now, Neo Geo + arcade = domination! Of course for it’s time. Today I want to talk a little about this bad boy. It’s a pretty old arcade but it is still very prestigious and very worth getting. I’m no expert on arcade machines, so I might be missing some pertinent information, but I’ll try my best to sum up this arcade.

So what is this machine? It’s an arcade yes, but it’s also a MVS. Wha? What does that mean? MVS = Multi Video System (cabinet version of course). The MVS is an arcade game that has a motherboard with multiple slots that use games in a cartridge format. These cabinets come in 1,2,4 or 6 slots, and there are multiple versions of the 1 slot board. The arcade I am showing off is the 4-slot version which means that inside the cabinet you can play 4 games. You can interchange any game inside the cabinet to play. Once powered up, you got 30 sec’s to choose which game you want to play. You also have the choice of playing using “coins” or adding credits for free by pushing a button near the slot area.

The cool thing with the Neo Geo MVS Arcade was that you were able to save game play from the arcade on a memory stick and bring that memory stick home to finish playing the game;this is what the arcade is notorious for. Or, if you had the home version of Samurai Shodown and had a certain character you want to use you could just save the character on the memory card and bring it to the arcade. There was also an outlet for headphones. Now why would they have that especially in an arcade? Well my guess was that when a tournament was going down, or lets say two friends were doing head to head and didn’t want to be distracted, they could put on their headphones and not be distracted by all the other machines :). If that is the actual explanation, how considerate of SNK!

Now comparing the Neo Geo MVS arcade to playing the Neo Geo at home(AES), it’s more clearer to play it on the arcade version. The stereo is also more crisp. To answer some common questions: Can you use an AES home cart in a MVS motherboard? No. Can you use the same memory card from your AES system in the MVS system? Yes! That’s what it was made for, to be versatile!

For it’s time time, the arcade was an ingenious creation by SNK because instead of the arcade owner buying more arcade cabinets, all they had to do was buy games from SNK and just add the new games to the cabinet instead of going through the hassle of importing another heavy cabinet which equates to more $$ + Room = Headache!

I actually found one of these machines on eBay and it’s the best condition one out of all of them. It also happens to be the most expensive. I was only searching for the 4-slot machine since Johnny Arcade below reviews the 4-slot. Consistency people! Click here for SNK NEO-GEO Arcade – Original Coin-op Video Game

So whats really the best thing about this arcade?? It’s got the classic “Anti-Drug” message that many old arcades had. This is what you would see on the first screen:

“Winners Don’t Use Drugs” 😛

Who better than Johnny Arcade to give a TV review of the Neo Geo MVS Arcade? Ok I wasn’t being serious *lol*:

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SNK's Neo Geo MVS Arcade

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