Space Ace and Dragon's Lair Production Drawings, Arcade Manuals, Vintage Game Watches

Much of today’s auctions are vintage collectibles but there’s a good mix of more modern stuff listed as well. First up however is an auction PJ sent over to us. PJ had a second auction suggestion as well but it closed before we had a chance to put it up. Sorry about that PJ but thanks as always for the submissions. 😉

Limited Signed Dead Space USG Ishimura Lithograph – Limited to 500 and signed by the artist Ryan Church. This auction is for #162 of the 500.

Space Ace Animation Production Drawings – This auction closes very soon and no bids yet! 4 drawings and the first bid is only $50… not bad.

Dragon’s Lair Animation Production Drawings – Same as the above and closes nearly as soon. There are 5 drawings in the auction.

Nelsonic Space Attacker Game Watch – Here’s a watch that is quite rare. On auction here is the original metal version. Later there was a black plastic version and the game was also released as the Star Trek II game watch. It’s cool to see that the Star Trek II watch had nothing to do with Star Trek at all by design.

Interton Electronic Video 3000 with Gun and Controllers – I’ve seen this listed amongst other Pong consoles but never knew it had a gun. It also looks like two wired controllers are also included.

Monster Rancher Suezo Plush – This caught my eye because the Monster Rancher series came to mind recently while playing Ni No Kuni. By the looks of this plush (and I’m guessing) I would think this was around the Monster Rancher 3 area of time.

Vintage Pac-Man Mugs – Two mugs for $10. One looks like it was chipped and glued however.

Super Mario 3 Game Watch with Box – The box is included and no reserve on this auction.

Street Fighter II Sealed Box of Trading Cards – The seller had 3 of these sealed boxes and 1 has sold so far.

Bible Search Handheld – Holy hell look at this thing! I just added this for fun. Looks like James could do another Bible Games AVGN episode for handhelds if there are more games like this. I think I have Fred Fuchs to thank for bringing AVGN to mind.

Arcade Manuals by Title – A long list of manuals for vintage arcade machines being sold for $9 each. 55 of the original 200 have sold so far.

Ni No Kuni Soundtrack – Still playing this game every day and the soundtrack is simply awesome. My hopes for future RPGs hasn’t been this bright since Lost Odyssey.


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  1. You’re welcome. I’d like another Bible Games episode too. So how’s Ni no Kuni? PS1 quality rpg? If so, what PS1 rpg would you compare it to? I have given up on rpgs since its glory days, but I’m a huge Miyazaki fan and that game has been on my radar for awhile.

  2. It’s a top quality RPG and stands on it’s own, really. Great story with a fun sense of humour. One PS1 game that it reminds me of in a way is Wild Arms in that you use tools and spells to solve puzzles in dungeons.
    It was recently announced that how a sequel will come to be will depend a lot on sales outside of Japan. So ya, go get yourself a copy because I want a follow up released over here! 😉

Space Ace and Dragon's Lair Production Drawings, Arcade Manuals, Vintage Game Watches

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