Stadium Events NTSC VGA Sealed and more

Oh man, here we go again with the sealed Stadium Events… It’s true, there’s another one up on eBay right now. What’s new? Well, this copy has been sealed and rated by the Video Game Authority. True, this should only increase the value by about 10%, but think of it this way… In order to get this game rated, you would have to SEND it to the Authority’s graders and hope with your life that it comes back. Also, think about it from the grader’s point of view! Damn, to be held responsible to handle and grade an item like this…

Sealed NTSC VGA Rated Stadium Events

Something note worthy is the seller has bagged and sealed the box making a triple seal… this is a very bad idea. The acrylic case has an opening on the lower back to allow some air to pass through with the varied pressures of air that can occur. With this slit sealed, the inside will be subject to moisture and temperatures that would otherwise not be there.

Anyway… got half a million dollars? lol…

Stadium Events NTSC Sealed VGA Rated 75

Here are a few more items of interest:

Gyromite Big Box Complete– The “big box” version of Gyromite is quite rare as not many were made. The game is the same, but it comes with R.O.B. the robot!

Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections Box Set– This collection of music from various titles in the Castlevania series contains tracks you may remember, but wouldn’t think to find in a box set of this quality. (18 discs)

Gameboy Micro GBA System Mother 3 Deluxe Box Set– The hype surrounding Mother 3 in Japan before it’s release was a big deal. In response, Nintendo made this limited Gameboy Micro Mother 3 box set. It’s a stylish look for the Micro and a treasure to the fans of the Mother (Earthbound) series.

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  1. Remember that auction you featured of the Stadium Events that sold for 22k? This is the buyer. He sent the copy in to Video Game Authority to grade it, and now put it up on eBay. Check his feedback, you’ll see the transaction.

  2. Yup, I saw that too. It will be interesting to see what happens. I think he can definitely make a profit. After all, the other one that made national news for selling for over $40,000, well, exactly that. It sold for over $40,000. So I think the guy made a good deal overall, it must be crazy to have that much money to throw around though. BTW, I will be listing my standees either late tomorrow, or sometime Saturday!

  3. We here at VGA like to give facts, not fiction. What Rikue is talking about is this:

    Check his “ALl Feedback”. He’s looking to make a $20k profit. I say go for it, but I don’t think anyone will. I don’t think he bought it from a Garabge sale in Orange county from a guy who use to own a Funcoland franchise LOL 🙂

Stadium Events NTSC VGA Sealed and more

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