Starcraft Concept Art Print, Minecraft Painting Signed By Notch and more!

Good afternoon VGA readers. I have a few stand out items like the Starcraft Art Print signed by Chris Metzen over at Blizzard as well as an original Contra III Alien Wars Promo poster which is the first time I’ve seen it personally. Maybe it has come up a few times on eBay and I missed it but it’s cool to see one as Contra Alien Wars for the SNES was a bad ass Contra game. Hope you guys and girls enjoy the auctions.

Video Game Auctions:

Donkey Kong Country 3 Promo Keychain – “You are bidding on a very rare Donkey Kong Country 3 promotional keychain toy from Japan. It is still new sealed in the original packaging in great shape. There is however a crease on the package that is not too severe (see photo) and a second very minor crease on the bottom left of the package. No sun fading or other damage though. Package is about 6.5″ tall. This is a keychain that also doubles as a maze game where you tilt it to get a small metal ball into the goal on the back of the keychain.“.

HALO 3 COVENANT PLASMA PISTOL – These are hard to find new, I remember seeing them at my local toy store when it came out. Should have bought them when they were being discounted away. Cool official Halo 3 toys.

Nes The Legend Of Zelda- Curse From The Outskirts Cartridge – “This is a Nintendo Nes custom game called Legend of Zelda – Curse from the Outskirts. Cartridge is in great condition and works great. The game play is the same as Super Mario Bros but you are Link and with different characters and items.“.

NINTENDO UN USED CLASSIC NES WINDOW DECALS DONKEY KONG – I don’t know if these are official or not. I don’t think I’ve seen window decals back when I was a kid, but I could be wrong. If I were to take an educated guess I would say they’re not official.

Snes Sealed lot VGA secre of mana final fantasy 3 breath of fire 2 tmnt – You have an insane lot here of sealed SNES titles most notably Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy 3. The auction has a reserve price and it’s at $3000 and not met yet.

Halo Master Chief Statue – Halo 2 – This is really cool and it’s only $250, unfortunately the seller only ships in the US and not internationally.

Contra III: The Alien Wars Promo Poster – Up for sale is a brand new, rolled promotional poster handed out by Konami of America at the 1991 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Chicago.

MINECON 2012 OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PAINTING SIGNED BY NOTCH – “At Minecon 2012, I was a voluntary member of staff for the whole weekend. As part of being a volunteer, each evening we got to meet all of the Mojang Team. On the Sunday evening (final night of Minecon 2012) there was a stack of all of the paintings that had been placed all around the Minecon Event and the volunteers were allowed to take some. I Took 3, and I Asked Notch if he would be kind enough to sign them for me, which he agreed to do so. I only feel that I would like to keep one of the 3 paintings, so I thought i’d see if any other Minecraft fan would like one the others, so that is why it is now on eBay! The Photo I am auctioning is Minecraft Painting: Aztec”.

Starcraft Concept Art print signed and dated by Chris Metzen – Note I don’t know if there are only two copies in the world but that is what the seller states. “This is a print of Concept Art for Starcraft that Chris Metzen did a year before the game came out. It is in great condition and there is only 2 in the world. The original that Chris himself has and this print copy. It is dated and has Chris’s signature on it. You can see in the pictures exactly what it looks like and the dates.

SIGNED brand new, Call of Duty Black Ops II Xbox 360 care package – I featured this a few posts back, looks like the seller put it on regular auction but with a reserve price. It’s currently at $99 or $500 BIN.

Mario Party DS (Nintendo DS) NEW SEALED MINT VGA U95 – Submitted by Joseph (Thanks man!). It’s at $179.99 or BIN at $199.99

STADIUM EVENTS VGA GRADED NEW PAL Q85+ MARKED PAL – Also submitted by Joseph. It’s the PAL Scandinavian version.

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Starcraft Concept Art Print, Minecraft Painting Signed By Notch and more!

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