Alinity Has A Wardrobe Malfunction Again During Live Stream On Twitch

Alinity Again Has A Wardrobe Malfunction During Live Stream On Twitch
  • Alinity yet again manages to escape the ban hammer, even after violating the terms of service on Twitch. Twitch should work towards their ban inconsistency.

Twitch is a streaming giant, and the inconsistencies it displays from time to time regarding bans are quite questionable. Alinity, a famous female streamer, has been repeatedly found not following guidelines of Twitch, and somehow, every time seems to get away with it. Recently, again, Alinity was spotted wearing a revealing dress on stream. In the stream, Alinity, while sitting and chatting “accidentally” revealed her underwear. The VOD has been taken down for now. She tries to cross her legs multiple times to hide it, but it doesn’t help the situation at all.

Alinity recently became a meme due to her mistreatment of pets on a live stream. She tossed her cat, which is a clear violation of the guidelines of Twitch. The problem here is that Twitch has banned Exohydrax and CinCinBear for wearing suggestive clothing, but somehow they refuse to take action against Alinity. Her channel is still intact. The accidental upskirt is a clear violation of the terms of violation on Twitch.

Twitch digs its own grave with decisions like these. Alinity has clearly a did a lot of violations in the past, too, from feeding vodka to her cats to so many wardrobe malfunctions, and she has even used the n-word on her stream a couple of times.

#TwitchIsOverParty became a viral hashtag in August due to the inconsistency which Twitch displays with its bans and moderation. Viewers have formed a negative opinion about all that goes on Twitch. Alinity has been found to be disruptive so many times yet she barely ever gets scolded by Twitch. It is slowly becoming evident that Twitch is actually biased in many ways. Twitch is believed to have a soft spot towards big streamers and women in general. They are rarely found showing leniency towards men and small streamers. Alinity is a woman and big streamer, so the fact that she eludes every time is obvious.

Alinity Exposes Underwear During Twitch Stream
Source: Alinity Twitch

Amouranth is another notorious streamer who was slightly reprimanded after showing a lot of skin on Twitch recently. But till now, no actions have been taken against Alinity for abusing the terms of service.

Emmett Shear, the CEO of Twitch, has been asked repeatedly to provide some solidarity behind the bans that take place on Twitch. During the TwitchCon last month, he promised to provide transparency and better logic behind the bans they place. Let’s hope that they actually start to work upon this inconsistency soon. People can visibly see the bias, and before this thing blows out of proportion, they should fix it.

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