What’s One of the Most Challenging Games Summit1g Has Ever Played?

Most Challenging Game Summit1g Has Ever Played

Summit1g is a popular Twitch streamer who has a deep background playing FPS gaming. He’s not your casual streamer as his skill level in FPS games is very high. Summit1g played for various esports teams in Counter-Strike, and his viewers tune in to see his high-level of competitive gaming. Summit1g has around 4.2 million followers who tune in to watch him play games like Apex Legends, GTA 5, Sea of Thieves and Overwatch. But like most top Twitch streamers, Summit will move onto the next big game, and that game is currently Escape from Tarkov. Other top streamers like Dr Disrespect are currently playing the game and many of them love it. Escape from Tarkov is a challenging game and not for the faint of heart.

Summit1g Says ETF Will Kick Your Butt

In a recent stream, Summit1g was interacting with his viewers, answer questions and giving his thoughts on some new game titles. One viewer ask him about his thoughts on Escape from Tarkov and Summit1g wasn’t shy to hold back his opinions. According to Summit1g, he’s played many FPS games throughout the year, and the one game that’s unforgiving is Escape from Tarkov.

“Even me, I come from a Counter-Strike background, a lot of years of FPS games. Man, and EFT was still just… it’s just, you’re going to get your a** kicked for a while whether you’re a veteran or not at shooting games. I don’t think there’s any like getting around and getting your a** kicked in Tarkov.”

Watch the full clip here:


There have been other streamers who had difficulty playing the game when it was released. One of the main reasons is the sounds. They can be deceiving and you might not know where the enemy is located, unlike other FPS games where you have a clear idea of where to look.

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