CourageJD Shows off his Dance Moves Playing Sea of Thieves

Courage JD Shows off his Dance Moves Playing Sea of Thieves Twitch Esports
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CourageJD Often plays Call of Duty and Fortnite games on his Twitch stream. He switched over to the recent popular Sea of Thieves game which is started to gain traction in the Twitch world. During his play, he decided to put on some music. What happens next is totally awesome.

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop

Jack Dunlop, also known as “CouRage” (CourageJD) is well known in the world of esports. He’s done and seen it all, playing professionally before his time as a caster/host.  He’s casted/hosted many notable CWL events including majors and championships. With regards to B04, CouRage was last on stage interviewing OpTic Gaming after they won the CWL Vegas Open. Ironically, CouRage was a Content Creator for OpTic, leaving that role just before the Open.

CouRageJD now plays Black Ops 4 and Fortnite on his popular Twitch channel where he has an impressive 1.3+ million subscribers. He also pumps out awesome videos on Youtube where he shares just as much Subscribers. Jack Dunlop is successful with his channels because he’s a very likable guy, as you’ll soon find out.

CourageJD Playing Sea of Thieves

During one of Jack’s Twitch streams, he was finished playing Blackout when he switched over to Sea of Thieves, the popular action-adventure video game. There seems to be a resurgence of Sea of Thieves ever since the last expansion. Gamers have been saying that the game is much more fun. Regardless, Twitch streamers have been streaming Sea of Thieves now and CouRage has added the game to his list of games.

Switching to a game like Sea of Thieves after streaming Black Ops 4 and Fortnite has it’s challenges. There is action in SoT, however, it’s not the same as B04 or Fortnite. But that’s not a problem for the outgoing CourageJD as you can see in this clip.

Crab Rave

CouRage tears up the room and starts dancing to Noisestorm Crab Rave while his player in-game was also dancing simultaneously. Showing his viewers that there’s never a dull moment. His viewers we’re loving and Jack kept dancing, eventually going back to his game to find lost treasures and pirate ships.

If you’re interested in watching CourageJD, you can check out his Twitch channel:

CouRageJD Dance Move Sea of Thieves Jack Dunlop Esports Caster Host
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