Deaf Fortnite Streamer “Apparently She’s a Legend” Says TimTheTatman

Deaf Fortnite Streamer

TimTheTatman flips his stream over to 13 year old deaf Fortnite streamer Ewok as she showcases her unbelievable skills.

Twitch content creator, Tim “TimeTheTatman” Batar was up to his old tricks again, hosting a young Fortnite player after he finished his stream. However, this was no ordinary streamer as Ewok is deaf.

Fortnite has a setting to enable visual sound effect to help impaired gamers. When the featured is turned on, all game audio is disabled. What is more impressive is Ewok is an amazing Fortnite player. Her win percentage is over 10% with over 350 lifetime wins.

Tim announces Ewok

At the conclusion of his daily stream, Tim says he will be hosting a deaf streamer and for everyone to send her some love.

Before Tim cut his stream over, Ewok was averaging around 10 concurrent viewers. She peaked at over 5000 when Tim hosted her. Usually when a streamer has his viewers raid or they host another channel, viewers don’t necessarily follow the hosted channel.

TimTheTatman with friends
New Year’s Eve, DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Ninja, CourageJD (source @timthetatman)

In Ewok’s case, it was the complete opposite as she doubled her following with her one session. She gained over 7,000 viewers in just a couple of days after the big break. It’s not only the fact one can play a game without sound but more of how she dominates it.

Here is a look of her epic reaction when viewers start pouring in from Tim’s stream.

Class Act

Tim proves once again how he uses his success to help others. Regarded as one of the most generous Twitch entertainers, Tim surrounds himself with the right people. The big trio of Ninja, TimTheTatman and DrLupo continue to show their professionalism and maturity. Although it’s impossible to make everyone happy, Tim chose the right person at the right time. Ewok has been grinding Fortnite waiting for her big break and Tim responded in a big way.

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