Dr Disrespect Gives His Honest Opinion On PUBG

Dr Disrespect Gives His Honest Opinion Of PUBG

PUBG continues to have a solid base of players that continue to play the game, and even stream it. With a decent average 20k views at any time on Twitch, PUBG won’t be disappearing any time soon. However, one person hopes the game will.

Dr Disrespect has played a lot of PUBG during his streaming career. In fact, he’s created montages of some of his best plays in the game and was considered one of the top players. Although Dr Disrespect doesn’t play on any esports organization, he’s good enough to play with the top players in the world. Some even call the Doc the “Doc of All Trades” since he can play a multiple of games and be good at them. With the introduction of new Call of Duty games, Fortnite and now Apex Legends, the Doc has moved away from PUBG to focus on newer titles. However, he does go back and play some PUBG every so often. But now, it seems like it will be the last time he will play the game.

PUBG Is Done

On one of Dr Disrespect’s recent streams, he decided to give PUBG a go again, and play it in front of his viewers. The Doc uninstalled the game before, saying that he was just annoyed of the way the game played. For those that haven’t played PUBG, the game has become stagnant with a lack of updates and fine-tuning to the game mechanics. Well, it seems like Dr Disrespect is now giving up on the game entirely.

With the lack of updates and bad servers, the Doc had enough of the game and went on a tirade after finishing up his match. He specifically was annoyed with the servers and how bad his ping was, saying “I don’t want to play Battlegrounds in 2019 on f****** 80 ping.

“I’m in a good mood. I don’t want that sh** hole game to ruin my mood right now.”

The Doc said that ever since PUBG released their patch, it made everything worse for him. He even went as far as saying that the game is about to die and that it’s “going to collapse immediately“. It’s unfortunate that the game finally has a new patch/update, however, it seems like it has done more harm than good.  Dr Disrespect also said that with the new Apex Legends season 3 being good, and the new Call of duty Modern Warfare coming out, people won’t hear about PUBG again.

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