Dr Disrespect Makes Gears 5 Look Easy. “Common Baby!”

Dr Disrespect Makes Gears 5 Look Easy. Common Baby!
  • Dr Disrespect played a game of Elimination in the new Gears of War 5 and was caught in a 1 vs 4 situation. Check out his incredible comeback. 

Doc Of All Trades

Gears Of War 5 is the hottest Xbox game right now and has set a record for biggest first-party Xbox One game launch sales. Gears 5 brought more than three million players to the first-party Xbox One game during opening weekend, and all the top streamers were sure not to miss the party, including Dr Disrespect.

Dr Disrespect is considered one of the best non-pro players in the scene. He’s a full-time streamer and dedicates his time playing many different games and not just sticking to one. He’s made a name for himself as being the jack of all trades, or shall we say, the Doc of all trades. DrDisrespect is able to switch game titles seamlessly and compete at a high level, which only a few streamers can do. The only other streamer that comes to mind that can play multiple games like Dr Disrespect and be good at it is Shroud. The “Two-Time” recently got his hands on Gears 5, the newest title in the Gears of War Franchise.

Dr Disrespect Makes Gears 5 Look Easy

While streaming Gears 5, the Doc got together with a few friends to play the new game. They all got into a lobby for elimination where there are two 5 player teams. The team with the last player standing wins the round. It’s a common mode in Gears and has been around since the beginning.

In one of Doc’ games, he was caught in a sticking situation where his teammates all died and left him alone against 4 other opponents. This is where the Doc kicked into pro mode and played like he was part of another Blockbuster video game tournament. Watch this incredible clip below:

The Doc realized he was in a 1v4 situation and went to the aggressive play since he had nothing to lose. He started running towards the enemies and took out one instantly while going back and forth and out-maneuvering another. At this point, his teammates were awing and cheering the Doc on since he made it a 1v2 now. Another enemy tried to circle him, but the Doc read the play perfectly and wall-banged him. The last enemy was in the center of the map where the Doc tried to flashbang him. As the Doc approached him, he almost lost all his life, but being Ds Disrespect he just had to get this last kill, and he did in pure Doc fashion to win the round. It was an epic moment and was all caught on the clip above.

DOC 1v4 in Gears of War 5
Dr Disrespect Twitch

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