Dr Disrespect Might Be Getting Paid By Twitch To Stay On The Platform

Dr Disrespect Might Be Getting Paid By Twitch To Stay On The Platform
  • Dr. DisRespect breaks his silence about the war between the streaming platforms after being spammed by questions in his Twitch chat.

A lot has been happening recently in the streaming world. Big streamers such as Shroud and Ninja have made moves to shift to Mixer from Twitch, due to better pay and obviously better treatment.

After the move of the rock stars of Twitch, everyone is wondering which big Twitch streamer is going to make moves next to switch platforms. It might be anyone but not Dr Disrespect for sure. He has a gigantic fan following on twitch due to his funny and entertaining character. After being consistently badgered by his chat, he finally gave his two cents about the whole streaming situation.

He was very direct with his thoughts. Dr. DisRespect said, “I would never move to Mixer, trust me. Uhhh – it’s stupid.” He emphasized the fact that Mixer has a lower view count as compared to Twitch and said: “I have double the amount of viewers that Ninja has right now, and I’m still in my intro!”

Dr. Disrespect continued to rant further about the situation saying how Mixer is buying streamers from the market. He wanted to basically say how Twitch had a more naturally built community as compared to Mixer. His character is all about being overly heated about all things, and he seemed pretty heated about this.

“You Can’t pay for a community. You can’t buy viewership.”

According to Dr. Disrespect, the view count of Mixer is approximately 30 times less as compared to Twitch. Even though he was in character, he actually did drop some solid points about the whole situation. Switch of big streamers surely does raise a lot of questions, but it is evident that Twitch has loyal viewers and they, for the time being, are going nowhere.

In a part during the stream, Dr. DisRespect went on to say, “Also, imagine getting paid more than these other guys to stay. Imagine that. Imagine if that were something, huh?” Even though Doc didn’t explicitly say it out loud, but one can draw substantial implications of big streamers being paid to keep streaming on Twitch, which might even include Doc himself. While this is unconfirmed but it does make a lot of sense.

Dr. Disrespect right now is not moving for sure, but given the current scenario, there is no guessing about what may happen next. The results of the war between the streaming platforms are unpredictable. The best part about this all is that the constant competition will entice the streaming platforms to be better which will create a better working environment for streamers.

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