Dr Disrespect Unbanned From Twitch

Dr Disrespect Unbanned From Twitch
Source: instagram.com/drdisrespect

Popular Streamer Dr Disrespect is coming back after being banned temporarily from Twitch. Now he makes his return.

Streamers at E3

The E3 Conference this year wasn’t spectacular, however, it wasn’t a failure. It was quite natural in terms of delivery. However, there was one incident that took center stage and shocked the streaming world. Popular streamers always appear at huge gaming conventions like E3 in order to meet their fans and to promote games. Typically fan would watch the popular streamers channel and see what they are doing at the event. However, this time around, things got a little awkward. There was one incident with Dr Disrespect that got him banned from Twitch (temporarily of course) because he violated the terms of Twitch.

Why Was DrDisrespect Banned?

Dr Disrespect was appearing at E3 like most of the other streamers. He is a big name and he was doing a live stream at the same time. However, the problem happened when he went into a public bathroom while his stream was still live. This was a violation of conduct by Twitch. A ban came to Dr Disrespect’s Twitch channel so quickly that nobody understood what happened. Viewers were unable to access his page and it was like he was nonexistent. Viewers then learned that he was banned for going into a public bathroom with a camera.

Dr Disrespect Unbanned From Twitch

Despite such a clumsy act, his ban was lifted after 14 days. Today, viewers were able to access his channel without any problem. Dr Disprespect coming back means a lot because most of those viewers started to watch other streamers and some of the streamers was accused of even stealing Doc’s viewers.

Dr Disrecpect knew that his ban was not going to be lifted right away, so he kept quiet for the past 2 weeks. But in the meantime, he was able to show us what he is doing and preparing for. He is doing some activities with Gfuel and he creating a new environment for his streaming in what he calls the “new arena”.

No matter what, the Doc is a big part of the streaming community. We have seen him break down before so he needs to keep a low profile at least for some time and abide by the Terms and Conditions set forth by Twitch. But with that said, it’s finally nice to see the Champ back on track.

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