‘So Pathetic’ Dr Disrespect uninstalls PUBG says he is done with it

drDisrepect uninstalls pubg will play fortnite on stream
source: Twitch DrDisrespect

Popular Twitch streamer DrDisrespect compares Fortnite and PUBG while making some very interesting remarks about both games.

Dr.Disrespect shared his thoughts about the state of PUBG while uninstalling the game on live stream. PUBG, from South Korea, was dominating the game market for nearly 8 months before Fortnite came along. Many of the players were talking about the game as a new concept because of its realism and the affordable price tag that came with it. The market seemed widely opened for PUBG to have a strong presence for a very long time. Early on, the PUBG fanbase defended the game, stating that it was on Early access. But the success of PUBG, got the attention of other developers, with one of those developers being Epic Games, creators of Fortnite.

Initially, Fortnite was introduced for its Save The World mode, where players try to survive from various monsters. However, the mechanics and fluidity of the game was loved by players and while introducing a battle royale mode to it. PUBG Corp. realized that their throne was slipping away, and instead of making their game better, they took another route; “Suing Epic Games for Copyright“. Of course, as PUBG did not own the rights to claim the Battle Royale genre as their own.


After nearly one and a half years, since the launch of Fortnite, we can see that PUBG is an amazing game in concept but fails in practice The game even had a period called Fix PUBG, while some improvements were made they were nowhere near what the player base was asking for. PUBG lost more than 60% of it’s player base and has been in a downward spiral until last month.

pubg player stats gain and peak players
source: steamcharts.com

Now one of the most influential streamers, Dr.Disrespect , has apparently lost his interest in PUBG. He uninstalled the game while quoting: ” Uninstall this and never play it again. Never, not interested. It is just so boring; so pathetic so un-athletic. Playing Fortnite going to that game, Fortnite just blows that game away in terms of the response time, the athleticism and the movement. When it comes to the video games and for the fun of it, It really comes down to the movement and how fun that feels to control a player in a game and all the mechanics involved in that movement set. I will tell you right now Tyler Perry’s Boring Grounds from South Korea; the most un-athletic game in the history of game development. Plain and simple man.”

This of course coming from a very pivotal streamer who built his reputation today by playing CoD and most recently PUBG. This must be a very hard pill to swallow for hardcore PUBG fans. If Dr.Disrespect is giving up on PUBG for good, it will surely hurt the game even more.

Many fans would not mind drDisrepect going back to his roots as a commentator



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