DrLupo Stops Webcam As Viewer Trolls His Looks

Why DrLupo Stopped using his Webcam
Instagram @drlupo
DrLupo abruptly turns off webcam mid stream, tired of viewers judging his looks.

Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo is best known for his radio voice and long streams alongside his good friend Ninja. He also plays a major role as a commentator during many of Epic Games offline Fortnite events. However, during a recent stream, DrLupo abruptly turns off his webcam and explains it will be a while before he turns it back on.

Viewers Banned For Trolling DrLupo’s Looks

DrLupo seldom goes to the extent of banning his viewers. However, 2 viewers attacked DrLupo’s image and the popular streamer immediately took action. Here is a look at the first clip of DrLupo explaining why the viewer has been banned.

DrLupo Stops FaceCam, Says he has always hated it.

After banning his viewer, DrLupo explains how he feels about using a facecam for his streams. He makes a valid point, by having a webcam, viewers focus on chatting and commenting on his looks, instead of focusing on his gaming.

He goes on to explain how it’s not right to talk or criticize how someone looks, and shockingly turns off his webcam. The video shows a sensitive side of DrLupo and what he says makes perfect sense:


DrLupo Delete’s Tweet

Clearly frustrated, DrLupo even tweets out his feelings of what just happened. The tweet did not last one hour before he decided to delete it.

DrLupo explains why he is done streaming with a webcam
Twitter @DrLupo
Fortnite Community Get Involved

It did not take long for fellow streamers to voice their opinions in support of DrLupo. Myth tweets out his support for DrLupo

Other Incidents

Let’s not forget, TimTheTatman also had a run in his viewers, trolling his chat. Although Tim did not turn off his webcam, he did stop to address the situation and explain his frustrations that had been building up.

DrLupo Class Act

Although many judge DrLupo because he is typically considered an older streamer, he is without a doubt one of the best role models on Twitch. He has hosted many charity streams, with his latest being a 24hour marathon fundraiser, for the St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.

Who can ever forget, Davey a suicidal viewer who had mentioned he wanted DrLupo’s feed the be his last place of contact. DrLupo zoomed in his webcam and gave Davey amazing word of encouragement.

There is no doubt that DrLupo is one of the classiest streamers on Twitch. It’s an unfortunate situation that fans picked the wrong day to troll him, but there is no doubt that DrLupo will be making a face appearance of some sort sooner or later.


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