Epic Games In Big Trouble? Top Fortnite Streamers Leave To Play Other Games

Fortnite In Big Trouble Top Streamers Leave To Start To Play Other Games
  • Some of the top Fortnite streamers in the world who have millions of followers have stopped playing Fortnite, which means Fortnite will be losing a large number of viewers. Is this a big red flag for Epic Games? Find out below.


Epic Games rolled out Season 10 about a month ago. Leading up to Season 10, fans were getting excited by the YouTube teasers and cryptic tweets Epic was putting out. Finally when the release date came, fans saw a lot happen. First, they saw a different map layout. It wasn’t anything dramatic, however, some sections of the battle royale map was changed. Additionally, there were vaulted items, new skins, challenges, Neo Tilted Rift, and BRUTE.

What is BRUTE exactly? It’s a mechanical robot that players can get into and use to attack opponents. The vehicle can hold up to two players, however, players can just use BRUTE by themselves. It was neat in the first few days until players saw it’s real power. That’s when the complaining started. Fortnite players were hitting up the official Fortnite Reddit page to complain about the mech. Even top streamers and pro players like tfue were complaining. Essentially, the BRUTE made matches much more difficult to play in, and the user experience was bad. Despite the complaints, Epic Games decided to keep the BRUTE in the game. But that didn’t last long. The recent Twitch Rivals Cash Cup tournament, which featured a prize pool of $400,000 made headlines when duos TimTheTatman and CourageJD made headlines due to Courage leaving the tournament because of BRUTE. It was a big deal since Courage is one of the biggest names in Fortnite, and is well intertwined in the esports scene.

Top Streamers Leave Fortnite

After the CourageJD incident, Epic Games finally announced that they were going to “nerf” the BRUTE and not make the mech powerful. They weren’t able to remove the BRUTE since it’s part of the Season 10 storyline. However, despite them nerfing the BRUTE, it seems like they are a little too late. Some of the top streamers in Fortnite, that have millions of followers have left Fortnite to play other games. This is a first since the game came out. The only other time that something close to this happened was with Apex Legends and it’s Feb 4th release, but all top Fortnite streamers came back eventually to play their beloved game.

One popular Fortnite Esports accounts on Twitter, Kristian – Fortnite esports, tweeted something interesting. Here’s the tweet:

To the normal eye, you might be asking what you’re looking at. That’s a Twitch list of some of the top streamers that Kristian – Fortnite esport is following. What they are highlighting is the fact that no one is playing Fortnite right now, and that’s quite alarming considering there are some heavyweights on that list. Just from that list, let’s take a look at how many followers those streamers have:

  • TimTheTatMan – 3,991,952
  • Benjyfishy – 284,384
  • DrLupo – 3,552,629
  • MrSavage – 923,860
  • NateHill – 622,986
  • EmadGG – 69,698
  • fwexY – 38,071
  • FinnexS – 1,449

There are roughly 10+ million followers combined just from that list alone, and we’re not counting other top streamers like CourageJD who is currently playing Minecraft. He has close to 3 million followers and has a huge influence in the world of Fortnite.

Fortnite In Big Trouble?

This definitely gives a big blow to Epic Games because those followers will most likely start to play the games that their favorite streamer is playing, or just stop giving attention to Fortnite. However, Fortnite is special. The game is incredibly resilient and despite major streamers swaying over to other games, currently, Fortnite has over 100K viewers on Twitch which is an impressive number.

Fortnite Twitch Viewership 100k

Although Fortnite is still going strong with over 100k viewers at the moment, is the above something that Epic Games should worry about? Streamers play a huge role when it comes to the popularity of games, and companies even pay streamers to promote their games such as the time when Ninja received $1,000,000 to play Apex Legends on his channel. We’ll need to wait and find out, but most likely these streamers will head back home to Fortnite Battle Royale and take off right where they left off.

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