Fortnite Streamer Avoids Prison Sentence For Abusing Wife On Live Stream

Fortnite Streamer Avoids Prison Sentence For Abusing Wife On Live Stream
  • Luke Munday gets sentenced to a 14-month good behavior bond. Munday won’t serve prison time after assaulting his pregnant girlfriend a year ago.

The gaming community has seen some weird things from streamers. Whether streamers go on a rant about a particular subject or perhaps experience an awkward or embarrassing moment, it’s nothing new in the eyes of the current viewer. However, what Luke Munday did to his wife while streaming Fortnite a year ago will never be forgotten.  There is a fine line between something being weird and something being absolutely inhumane and unjustified. In December last year, Fortnite streamer, “Luke James Munday,” assaulted his pregnant girlfriend during a live stream.

Today during the final decision of the trial, he was spared jail time. Luke Munday pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife, Grace Campbell in July, and after his court appearance this Wednesday, he got sentenced to a 14-month good behavior bond. As long as he stays true to the terms and conditions of the bond, he will be away from doing prison time.

These sort of lenient sentences are pronounced to a juvenile or first-time offender but, Luke luckily avoided a really bad outcome even though he was neither.

Munday goes by the name “MrDeadMoth” while he streams. This incident took place on 10th December last year. Campbell was constantly asking Munday to close his stream and join his family for dinner. Campbell was seen throwing objects at Munday when he refused to end his broadcast.

In the fit of rage, the 27-year-old streamer slapped Grace and pushed her to the ground. The assault was not visible on the stream, but the viewers could hear his-then girlfriend crying and screaming. Children could also be heard crying in the background.

Steven Mercael, Munday’s lawyer, gave a statement in the which said it was “just a slap” but Magistrate Mark Douglass told him to remove the word “just” from his argument as it was “unwise.”

He’s a loving, caring person with no history of domestic violence,” Mercael said. “On this day, he just slapped his partner.

Luke Munday Assaulting His Wife On Fortnite Stream

I would not in any way accept the submission; this was just a slap in the face; the court rejects that submission,” Douglass remarked.

I suggest things being thrown is unacceptable, but the response was inappropriate, unlawful and violent,” Douglass said. “The submissions made on your behalf, if they had not been made, I would have viewed the threshold may have been reached and perhaps considered some form of custodial sentence.

“Have you given up playing video games now?”

Munday doesn’t have a clean record. Back in 2011, he was convicted for a common assault. He and Campbell split after the incident.

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