Freakazoid Completely Destroys His Keyboard During Live Stream

Freakazoid Completely Destroys His Keyboard During Live Stream
  • Seeing players punching their monitors and keyboards in rage is relatively common. However, CS:GO pro player, freakazoid completely destroyed his keyboard for no particular reason during live stream. Read about what happened down below.

Who is freakazoid?

For passionate CS:GO fans, Ryan “freakazoid” Abadir is a very known figure in the CS:GO pro scene. He has been particularly active in the NA CS:GO Pro scene since 2012. However, before he made his name famous in Cloud9 in 2015, he hadn’t played much competitive Counter-Strike. Prior to his chapter in Cloud9, freakazoid played only 10 events, which of only three were LAN tournaments.

But, together with Cloud9, he brought the NA Counter-Strike to the big stage. It was the famous “Cloud9 summer 2015” when seangares and friends played three consecutive Grand Finals of big events, but unfortunately lost all of them. Nevertheless, it was a big breakthrough for NA CS:GO scene, and freakazoid was part of that squad. Also, they managed to win the iBUYPOWER Cup and RGN Pro Series as well as many other Online events. However, in the middle of 2016, this squad fell apart and freakazoid joined Echo Fox. He spent 2017 and 2018 playing mostly for Swole Patrol.

At the beginning of this year, he joined Ghost Gaming but left after 6 months. But, he never saw as much success as he did in 2015 with Cloud9.

Breaking the keyboard for sake of breaking it

Although freakazoid used to be the loudest guy in the Cloud9 squad, everyone knew him as a cool guy. Surely, he received a decent amount of hatred when he “bullied” s1mple abusing the fact that s1mple doesn’t speak English so well. But, people quickly forgot about it. However, if you can think of any guy in the CS:GO pro scene who is going to snap his keyboard just to prove he can do it, that’s definitely freakazoid.

During his last stream, freakazoid played the game on Vertigo and his team was actually leading. In the second pistol round, he made a great play as he basically pushed on CT player over the edge and secured the round for his team. A few rounds earlier, his teammates were saying to him that he can’t snap his keyboard even if he wants to. At that moment, he just checked how tough the keyboard is and if he is actually able to snap it. But, when his team had an even better score, he went mad.

Freakazoid completely destroyed his keyboard just to prove he can indeed snap it. As he did it, the keyboard broke into two pieces, and all keys flew away all around his room. This reminds us of streamer Dellor, who is known to have a corner of his room dedicated to all the keyboards he broke since he’s known as the “rage” streamer. Neither his teammates nor the chat could believe he actually did it. Fortunately, he had one keyboard in “stock” so he could continue playing the game.

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