French Streamer Has Epic Rage On Fortnite

French Streamer Raged On Fortnite

Fortnite is a competitive game. The game, like every battle royale game out there, crowns the last person or team to be alive. This can create an insane amount of stress on some people. Of course, some of us are so used to it now and are calm even if we lose in the last circle. However, some people cannot take the loss very well. There might be several reasons behind this. Of course, most of us have been angry playing video games and it’s not like it’s something unheard of. But raging in an aggressive manner and very expensive to replace the hardware.

While broadcasting  French streamer magouille29 showed us one of the epic Fortnite rages. He nearly destroyed everything besides his PC. The incident happened yesterday during a stream. Magouille29 teammates started to ask him for heavy bullets, which can be used for sniper rifles. The problem was Magouille29 was already in a small fight. Afterward, when he was going through the loot he got taken down from behind and the rage started. We can see in the video that he threw everything he had in his hands and started to curse to his teammates. You can see the video below.

Later we saw him sit down and play his game as if nothing happened. Which is what generally happens these tantrums are created with a moment of stress. Honestly, one can argue that video games are good for releasing stress. Of course, after the incident, magouilles29’s Twitch channel became the center of attention for some time. This happens generally with this kind of incident. Maybe he will be able to earn some viewers with his tantrum. We have seen some streamers in the past such as Dellor, but we all know what ended up happening to him.

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