InvaderVie Apologizes for Her Behavior Towards Viewers

InvaderVie Apologizes for Her Behavior Towards Viewers
  • Popular streamer who offended her viewers by calling them cheapskates apologizes on Twitch after a community uproar. InvaderVie sent the message via Twitch.

Yesterday we saw something that we rarely see on the fun-loving streaming platform. A Twitch streamer called her viewers cheapskates for not subbing to her channel. The incident happened yesterday and it already became viral after several Twitch streamers also reacted to the situation. We have seen one of the most popular streamers Pokimane coming out and slamming InvaderVie’s behavior. Of course, things went out of control, and the Twitch community started to spam InvaderVie’s channel. Players from all over the world learned her name in a very bad way, however today we have seen InvaderVie apologize for her behavior towards her viewers which is a big step to fixing her image.

InvaderVie’s Apology

Invadervie stated in a recent Twitch stream that:

The clip that you saw does not represent my true feelings, I’ve streamed for hundreds of hours and I’ve said, support your communities after you support yourself first. Subscribe if you have the disposable income to do so. However, in that clip, I expressed opinions that I do not hold. I said things that I don’t mean and they were vile. I recognize that.

Yesterday we have covered InvaderVie trying to justify her behavior she said, “If you have time to watch Twitch, you have ten dollars, truly. If you don’t have ten dollars, you probably don’t have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working“.


Of course, we are not sure what type of apology will earn her viewers back. This is one of those situations of no return. Streamers rely on their viewers and especially streamers like her, need their viewers more than anything. InvaderVie might have apologized for her behavior however, Twitch community will not let this bypass. Some viewers even appealed Twitch support in order to ban her channel from the platform we will see how this will turn out.


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