Kat Gunn Has a Special Surprise for One Viewer

Kat Gunn Has a Special Surprise for One Viewer Streamer Twitch Stream Esports
Image sourceL twitch.tv/katgunn
  • Kat Gunn loves to interact with her fans. Being a professional streamer for so many years, Kat Gunn knows that the key to her success is engaging with her viewers, read the chatbox and make you feel like you’re right next to her. Sometimes it can get a little out of hand as we will soon find out.

Who is Kat Gunn?

Katherine “Kat Gunn” Gunn aka “Mystik” is an esports player. She’s always been a competitive gamer and was once part of a clan called “PMS”, however, it didn’t last very long due to difference of opinions which made her part ways. She also very into cosplay and showcases he various costumes on her Twitter account. She’s portrayed characters from World of Warcraft, Yaiba, Super Mario Bros., Batman: Arkam City, Dead or Alive and Mortal Kombat.

Kat Gunn is most notably known for winning Season 2 of the WCG Ultimate Gamer where she beat her opponent in the Grand Final with a dominant 15-1 final score. Here’s the entire clip of the 2010 WCG Ultimate Gamer show:

This has skyrocketed her fame in the esports video game world where she currently has many followers on YouTube and Twitch. Kat Gunn had her YouTube channel for a long time, but with her switch over to Twitch, she’s gained an even bigger following where now she spends most of her time. She does update her YouTube channel every of often, but if you’d like to catch her one of these days, head over to her twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/katgunn

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout

Blackout seems to be the popular pick for twitch streamers who are sticking with the Call of Duty brand. You’ll be able to find Kat Gunn tearing up the server, getting amazing sniping shots, and also displaying her gun-to-gun skills. When she’s not streaming, she’s interacting with her viewers and users in the chat.

She likes to show off some of her personal items, or on other occasions likes to discuss certain topics.

A fine line?

Kat Gunn is very open, and she’s definitely not one to shy away from things. That was the case in the same stream as above when she was interacting with her fans in the chatbox. As she was sticking on the topic of music, one user in the chatroom wrote, “Hey can you get up“. There’s no reason for someone to ask this of Kat Gunn, and asking such a thing is not only disgusting but poor taste.

This is where the video gets good. Kat Gunn didn’t just ignore the comment. She totally called out the user and said:

“No, the only thing that seems to be able to get up is my middle finger”

A brilliant response to a troll in the chat room. Sign language is very useful in situations like this. If someone wants to troll the chatroom, expect to get a dose of Kat Gunn with her guns blazing.

Kat Gunn esports gives middle finger on twitch
Image sourceL twitch.tv/katgunn

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