Nani has a hilarious moment involving a Donald Trump stream avatar

Nani has hilarious moment involving a Donald Trump stream avatar
  • Popular streamer Nani has a hilarious encounter with a Donald Trump stream avatar on Twitch. What she witnesses next is a must-see!

Who is Nani?

Nani is a German-born Twitch streamer that currently lives in Spain. She plays a few obscure games but is not heavily invested in the gaming side of Twitch. You can catch her on her stream in the popular category, “Just Chatting”, which is used by streamers when they just want to chat or share some daily activities such as walking outside or going to a party. Apart from Twitch, Nani doesn’t spend much of her time on social media updating her profile with daily pictures or updates. However, she does have an Instagram page dedicated to her one true love, Peppah, and Nani does update Peppah’s page quite often.


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Back to Instagram! Thought Seb was done taking pictures and rearranged myself and kinda liked this photo! ✨

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Nani’s hilarious Donald Trump stream avatar

During one of Nani’s “Just Chatting” streams on Twitch, she had a funny situation involving the cute stream avatars. What are stream avatars you ask? Essentially they are little avatars that come on someone’s stream in the shape of mini pixelated characters. they are overlays that can be used on other platforms as well such as Mixer or YouTube. The way it works is that viewers can issue commands and earn loyalty points by hanging around and winning minigames. It’s to keep viewers engaged.

Nani was chatting with her viewers when she spotted a Donald Trump stream avatar.

Look at Donald Trump!“.

The Donald Trump avatar appeared at the bottom right of the screen. Nani then asked, “Can you sit with Donald Trump?“, in which the Donald Trump avatar started walking towards the left. Nani then said, “Look how he walks. That’s how he walks in real life I swear. Look at him go.” What happened next is just hilarious. There was another avatar on the left with the pixelated character wearing a sombrero. It seemed that there was a reason that the Donald Trump avatar was walking towards the left side. As the Donald Trump avatar closed in on the avatar with the sombrero, he attacked him, making that avatar fly off the screen. Nani then says,

“Oh no! He attacked the Mexican”

She starts laughing, which is likely due the reminder of Donald’s controversial remarks about Mexico during his 2016 campaign for President. At this point, Nani couldn’t contain her composure and was laughing too much to show her face. Even in the tiny world of someone’s “Just Chatting” stream will you find politics. Funny how things play out on Twitch.

Donald Trump stream avatar

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