Ninja Does Spot-On Impression of Dr Disrespect

Ninja Does Spot On Impression of Dr Disrespect
Source: Ninja YouTube / Dr Disrespect Twitch

During one of Ninja’s recent streams, he took a break from playing Fortnite Battle Royale to do a spot-on impression of Dr Disrespect. 

A Day That Needed Some Humor

May 20th will be a day that the esports community will remember. News surfaced that Tfue was suing FaZe Clan over what he called was an “oppressive” contract. The gaming community, specifically Twitch and Youtube, couldn’t believe what was happening. One of the biggest names in Fortnite, and one of the biggest esports organizations were at the forefront of the gaming news. As details emerged of the lawsuit, every major streamer was giving their opinion about the situation. Streamers like TSM Daequan, Dr Disrespect and Ninja were giving their opinion while the community was in a buzz.

It was a sensitive topic as people from both sides were on the defense. FaZe loyalists were tweeting their experiences with the organization, and close friends of Tfue were defending his choice to come forward with the lawsuit. It was a day that needed some humor, and Ninja delivered on his channel.

Ninja Does Spot-On Impression of Dr Disrespect

During one of Ninja’s recent stream, he took a break from playing Fortnite. He then turned on some Snythwave music, which is what the popular streamer Dr Disrespect listens to  on his Twitch channel. Ninja then looked into the camera and did a spot-on Dr Disrespect impression. Check it out below.

For those who don’t watch Dr Disrespect much, he has three words that define him which is “Violence, Speed, and Momentum”. He usually says this every time he streams and has become a signature for him. Another signature of Dr Disrespect is his Blockbuster Championships that he won back-to-back in 1993 and 1994. He always refers to himself as the “two time” (2x) since he won the Blockbuster tournament two years in a row.

Well, Ninja took a crack at impersonating the Doc which he did a decent job. Did the Doc get to see Ninja’s impression? We hope h did because we know he’ll do an impression of Ninja which everyone would love to see.

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