Ninja Shocked by Gotaga’s Twitch Viewership. “You’re Ninja”.

Ninja Shocked by Gotaga's Twitch Viewer Count. You're Ninja. Tyler Blevins

Tyler Blevins visited Gotaga in Paris to spend the entire day with him playing Fortnite and having a fun time. But during one point of the stream, Tyler saw Gotaga’s Twitch viewer count and freaked out. Watch the video below.

Gotaga – Twitch Streamer

Corentin Houssein is a famous Twitch streamer in France that goes by his gamer name, “Gotaga”.  Having more than a million followers on Twitch, and being part of a successful esports organization, Team Vitality, he’s made a name for himself around the world. He hosts daily Twitch streams with his sidekick, Broky Brawks, where they play Fortnite Battle Royale all day and have fun around the studio.


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In a recent stream, Gotaga invited Tyler Blevins “Ninja” over to join him and Broky in Paris. It was a day filled with funny, awkward, and fun times. There was no language barrier as both Gotaga and Broky spoke English very well, and actually taught some French lessons to Ninja.

At one point during the stream, he told Ninja that he is very famous in France, and that every gamer knows who he is and look up to him. Well, Ninja realized how true that was when he took a look at Gotaga’s screen to see how many viewers were tuning into his stream.

“You have 138,000 viewers?”
Ninja Gotaga Twitch View Count Number 138,000 Shocked in Fortnite

While Ninja, Gotaga and Broky were all at their stations, Ninja casually looked over to Gotaga’s stream and saw his viewer count. Amazed, Ninja said, “You have a hundred and thirty-eight thousand viewers?“. Ninja was shocked, and perhaps hasn’t seen those type of numbers on many screens. Although no one knew why Ninja was shocked by those numbers, it seemed to be a normal number for Gotaga as he didn’t show any enthusiasm for it.

Gotaga replied but Ninja went right back at him saying, “I don’t think you understand. Like. you’re Ninja.” He then continued, saying, “Bro, you’re viewership is insane. Like what you can get with this”. Ninja was pointing out that he has 138,000 viewership with just Gotaga’s studio setup and no big event. However, the fact Ninja was on his Twitch stream was a big event, especially for Twitch viewers in France. But Gotaga replied saying “No”, meaning he wasn’t believing what Ninja was saying, that his current number is impressive.

Having the biggest video game star sitting right next to you and saying that the viewership is high is hard to take in. It’s understandable why Gotaga didn’t believe Ninja. Perhaps Gotaga assumed that Ninja is use to seeing millions of viewers during each of his streams.

“”It’s actually Six Hundred and Sixty-Six Thousand”

Gotaga looked at Ninja and said, “You are playing with like 600k viewers”. Ninja, then hilariously corrected Gotaga saying, “It’s actually 666,000”, while looking at the camera with a smile. Everyone in the studio laughed after that and it seemed like the three could go on forever discussing all types of topics and never get bored.

“But dude, that’s incredible man.”

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