OpTic Dashy Can’t Shoot With The Tempest?

OpTic Dashy Can't Shoot With The Tempest Misses CWL Esports Call of duty
Image source: twitter.com/OpTicGaming

OpTic Dashy is one of the newer faces on OpTic Gaming, and he’s made a name for himself as being one of the deadliest Prophet users. But during one of Dashy’s live streams something wasn’t right as fans never seen this happen before.

CWL Vegas Open Champion

OpTic Dashy and the gang won a well deserved CWL tournament, clutching every match and putting a stamp on the Call of Duty esports world. The entire Optic team won every match, only loosing three games (including the incredible comeback sweep of Spylce). Dashy also won the MVP of the tournament, finishing with a KD of 1.37 which is quite impressive in an esports event.

Dashy didn’t just win the MVP title because of his KD, but his overall gameplay and clutch performance / highlight reels. At many points during the esports event, Dashy would wild-up the crowd with his tempest carnage. The entire stadium erupted when Dashy was on his Prophet frenzy.

Once he equipped the Tempest, all hell broke lose and the crowd knew the pain was coming.

OpTic Dashy Tempest Prophet Wrath Carnage Esports CWL
Image source: Twitch.tv/callofduty

It was as if everyone knew that once Dashy drew his Tempest, it was literally game over. His poor opponents would be electrocuted, and only one player was able to dodge his Tempest wrath, which seemed to be a 1 in a million chance. The visuals was like receiving an early Christmas present, the movements was like watching a great ballroom dancer light up the show, it was all-so-magical.

Here’s a clip of one of OpTic Dashy’s Tempest wrath:
OpTic Dashy Can’t Shoot With The Tempest?

Back from a successful CWL tournament, Dashy was on his Twitch account back to regular programming. During one of his matches in Black Ops 4, Dashy was playing on Arsenal, where ironically, is where he had one of his famous Tempest runs, in exactly the same location.

As viewers of Dashy’s stream watched on, they saw him pull out his Tempest, which everyone knew, was game over for the other team. However, something strange happened. OpTic Dashy whipped out the tempest and saw one enemy on his right. He fired once, missed. Fired again, missed. Fired two more times and missed with those shots! Before he could take a 5th shot he was killed from behind. At that moment OpTic Dashy could be heard saying:

“Damn dude Wtf”

He then shows disappointment and disbelief that out of all his 4 shots up-close, the tempest didn’t manage to register once. It was at that time we all felt human again, as this has happened to every single person who has used the Black Ops 4 character “Prophet”.

Reasons for Missing?

There’s many reasons for missing the shots like OpTic Dashy did. One might say, “Well he’s a pro, he should never miss!“. Fortunately, all pro players are human otherwise we’d have a problem. But on a serious note, here’s a couple of reason why he wasn’t able to make those shots.

Reason 1: Connection

OpTic Dashy is Canadian. Assuming he went back to Canada where he does his live streams from, this can explain many things. Canada is known to have poor internet speeds. Canada is also known to have premium prices for their telcom services. For example, a basic internet connection of 30 downloads, and 10 uploads will bring you around $65-$75 CAD dollars from Videotron. Furthermore, Videotron is the internet choice of competitive gamers. Comparing Videotron to Verizon, it’s not even close. For literally “half” the price, US gamers can get more than 3X the internet speed with the basic plan at Verizon (Fios 100/100 Mbps Internet).

So all that matchmaking is never fair for Canadians, as they will always be paired up with a disadvantage in connection speed. Unless Dashy has a secret outlet that regular people don’t have access too, the connection speed can explain certain lag issues. In the clip where Dashy was missing his shots, you can clearly see his crosshairs are on the enemy, yet, it does nothing. During the CWL Vegas Open, the games were played on LAN, which gives zero lag. Living in Canada sucks for competitive gaming.

Reason 2: Human element

If OpTic Dashy wasn’t in Canadam, then last reason is simply human nature. He just wasn’t on his game. With no pressure like having the stadium spotlights on you, and the fact that he wasn’t exactly playing for a title can explain why he just didn’t focus as much. However, we believe connection/server matchmaking is the culprit as we’re gamers too. It doesn’t make sense that in one game this can happen (missing the tempest shots) but in another game, same map, similar situation you can put them down even when the crosshairs are not directly on target.

Who cares?

In the end, does it really matter if OpTic Dashy missed some shots during a game? Nope. The only thing that matters is when it actually counted for something like the CWL event in Vegas. OpTic Dashy passed with flying colors and was the ultimate MVP of the tournament. Watching the clip from the tournament above shows who’s really boss. We hope to see more of OpTic Dashy in the next CWL event.

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