Pamaj Gets Funny Death Chat Reaction After Blackout Snipe

pamaj blackout sniping racial death chat reaction
source: Pamaj Instagram
Pamaj pegs an enemy in a Blackout and gets a funny racial comment in death chat from his opponent.

Call of Duty Blackout might not have as many funny moments as Fortnite, but it does have something that makes it special. Death chat is by far the most satisfying feature in Blackout. Although trash talking has simmered down in recent years, you still get a glimpse of it from time to time.

Pamaj is accustom to hearing funny reactions after his unexpected snipes down opponents before they even know what hit them.

During a recent Blackout game, with 12 players remaining, Pamaj takes heat from a distant building. He immediately turns to the house, swaps to sniper and pieces the enemy that was firing at him. The kill takes literally 3 seconds as Pamaj deals 150 damage killing his opponent with one shot.

  Death Chat Reaction

As soon as his enemy gets snipped you can quickly hear him say: “Ahh ni*ga.” Clearly his enemy is shocked and not expecting to get hit from inside the window he was standing at. Pamaj, starts laughing stating how he loves death chat, clearly entertained by his enemy’s reaction. It’s rare to see Pamaj get so excited after a simple snipe but the comment clearly was amusing because of how shocked the player was when being hit.

The use of racial slur is always a touchy subject as Ninja experienced while playing Fortnite with a hacker imposing as Drake.

Communication Banning

Treyarch has been keeping a close eye on toxicity and does not shy away from communication banning. This holds true for in game and also DMs to other players. Multiple infractions will cost players a longer duration with no communication. Players can be penalized up to 2 weeks for text and messages and a month for voice complaints. In the case of Pamaj, this was clearly a reaction slur not something directed at an opponent. Needless to say, death chat has been part of Call of Duty multiplayer and with no doubt they wanted it added to Blackout.

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