Pokimane Will Make A Big Announcement In The Near Future

Pokimane Will Make A Big Announcement In The Near Future

Pokimane said she will be announcing something major soon. The speculations are that Pokimane will be making a move to another streaming platform.

Pokimane, a very famous female Twitch streamer recently dropped another bomb in the hot streaming warfare. Even though not confirmed but speculations point towards the fact that Pokimane will be moving to Mixer soon.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is undoubtedly the most famous female streamer on the platform. She has been loyal to the platform for almost six years now. With a massive subscriber figure of 3.5 million, if the move happens, it will be another major hit to Twitch and a plus one for Mixer. Pokimane usually streams two games Fortnite and League of Legends, both of which have a huge viewer base.

While recently streaming, Pokimane teased the fans about a huge announcement that she will be making very soon, she mentioned a contract that she will be hopefully signing soon. The chat spammed “Mixer?” but Pokimane said, “You guys can say Mixer as much as you want. You could literally spam that word a million times in my chat. It will not change what I’m gonna say!”. Her responses are not confirming her actions, but neither are they denying the speculation of her viewers. There is a chance that the announcement is regarding her move, only the future will tell what the young streamer has decided for her career.

Like whether it is, or whether it’s not. It won’t matter, because what am I saying now? Nothing. I’m going to say it when I say it. I’m not saying anything now!” the streamer replied with a smile leaving her loyal viewers on a cliff-hanger.

She did address the chat after a while saying how she wanted to troll the viewers “I wanted to on Twitter, and be like listen, guys, I’m moving to a new streaming platform. Is it Mixer? Is it YouTube? Is it Facebook? Are you staying on Twitch?” She explained how creatively she would troll her viewers, “I’d write something like, ‘Guys, new live streaming platform.’ And then I just link it to an adult site slash Pokimane!” she laughed.

Despite the jokes, she actually said she has a major announcement coming soon. With the ongoing two and fro streaming platform switch, it is only logical to assume that Pokimane is going in on it. If this happens, the biggest female streaming star of Twitch will be gone. Pokimane will be a huge asset to whichever platform she goes. We can only wait and see what this big announcement is all about.

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