Pokimane is Criticized for Attacking an Anti “Simp” Youtuber

Pokimane is Criticized for Attacking an Anti Simp Youtuber
  • Pokimane is under fire for attacking a Youtube sponsor on a video made about her.
  • Youtuber, It’sAGundam, made a video called “Simp Willingly goes homeless for Pokimane” which accumulated over 400k views.

Today’s streaming culture is shaped by millions of things, streams and the viewers have different connections than for example celebrities and their fans. Since you can donate to people and your donation appears on the screen, you do know sometimes that how a person is investing their money to a streamer. Simp or Simping refers to men who put the women on a pedestal and does things for because they think the woman would want her them to do it. This culture became more apparent with streaming since many people are donating their money on Twitch when they are in financial difficulty.

Simp willingly goes homeless for Pokimane by It’sAGundam

It’sAGundam posted a video a week ago on “Simp willingly goes homeless for Pokimane”, which was made by comments on how people are donating ridiculous amounts of money to Twitch star Pokimane.When you are watching the video there is a special part for a user who stated that he donated around $1000 to Pokimane, while he is a financial difficulty with being behind on his rent and we can see that many do feel a special connection with Pokimane. Pokimane watched the video on her stream and went directly after the sponsor of the video Ridge Wallet.

Pokimane attacked the sponsor of the video rather than the video itself and stated: I will say, for this company to sponsor a video that’s literally 20 minutes of talking about me. Like, no company should do that just about ever. Oh, is this a video where some random dude behind a VR machine calls a girl a thot for twenty minutes? I really want to put my logo on that one.” This started a whole situation with users from other parts of internet blasting Pokimane since she is not criticizing the video but rather the sponsor behind it. Meanwhile, Pokimane is having a nice time with her contract with Twitch rather than commenting further.

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