Pokimane Partners Up With LG And Twitch

Pokimane Partners Up With LG And Twitch
  • Exciting news for Pokimane fans as the beloved streamer is partnering up with streaming platform Twitch and multinational electronics company LG.

Twitch will host a special stream this coming Wednesday, November 20th. The stream will be available for all viewers to watch on the Twitch homepage and is confirmed to be a “Squad Stream“, a feature that Twitch has launched earlier this year. Squad Stream allows up to four creators to stream together in a single window. This not only ensures extra exposure for streamers, but also a chance for fans to see their favorite female streamers together.

Pokimane Playing on Twitch

Who’s streaming at the event?

So who are the four coveted female streamers? The stream is supposed to consist of Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Celine “Starsmitten,” Angela “AriaSaki” Don, and Alena “AngelsKimi” Kim. Yes, quite the lineup we have over here. The four streamers altogether have around 4 million followers, with Pokimane having the majority of the cake. Being the most popular of the bunch, Anys will serve as the squad leader of the pack of streamers. She will be streaming using one of the monitors from LG’s newly released UltraGear series. There seems to be a change in the lineup of streamers for the event at the request of LG but it’s yet to be confirmed.

It’s unsure what the streaming content will be but it’s safe to predict that they’ll be playing at least one of the MOBA games. Maybe we can expect something along the lines of League of Legends or DOTA.

More about Pokimane

This is not the first time Pokimane has engaged herself in a partnership with a top brand. Previously, the streaming star has joined hands with the likes of MAC Cosmetics and Amazon. The streamer was also nominated Streamer of the Year at the 2019 Esports Awards hosted earlier this month. She was the only female streamer that was contesting for the award.

Rest assured, we don’t see how the stream will disappoint in any way. So set aside some time free on Wednesday and hop into the stream to see some of the most beautiful streamers in action.

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