Pokimane Puts Out Creepy Clips of Streamers Posted Online

Pokimane Puts Out at Creepy Clips of Streamers Posted Online
  • Pokimane lashed out after QuarterJade talked about creepy clips from the past being held hostage against the streamer by fans on the platform.

Pokimane is undoubtedly one of the biggest Twitch superstars and she has made a name for herself on YouTube as well. While she has been witnessing a lot of controversy surrounding her especially on YouTube, millions of her followers have been left split on whether to support her or not. Her popularity rose from her Overwatch days in 2016 when she started gaining a lot of traction on Twitch. Her popularity zoomed tremendously but it hit a decline due to recent controversies. She has been called a hypocrite multiple times by her fans and the Morrocan-born star hit out at fans recently over creepy clips of her that were posted online.

While the recent lash back Pokimane meted out on Twitter doesn’t have to directly do with her own clips, anyone who follows her streams knows that she faces the same kind of issues as well. Needless to say, a lot of viewers try to sexualize streamers and clip things out of context. Especially when streamers stand up, bend down, or perform other actions that may reveal a little too much whether intentionally or not. There are multiple streamers who take advantage of this and try to give the viewers a “show” while skirting with Twitch’s terms of service, others are just innocently trying to move around their rooms and accidentally get clipped.

Regardless of the intentions of the streamers, it can be quite frustrating to see these clips shared online by predatory viewers who seemingly are always on the lookout to get such clips out of context. QuarterJade, a popular streamer in her own right who might not have the same amount of hype and following as Pokimane on Twitch or YouTube raised her grievances. The YouTuber who has over 350,000 subscribers lashed out on Twitter claiming that she has had enough of these creepy clips.  Pokimane chimed in on the conversation and said “why do we, as female streamers, need to work around the creeps in our chat? especially in regular and far from sexual scenarios, like standing up from our chairs lol..”

QuarterJade’s reaction is needless to say full of frustration but it is completely valid. Someone on Twitter straight-up claimed that she should just disable her camera when getting up from her chair. This might seem like a very stupid suggestion to some but others actually liked the idea. When streamers are not gaming, they should simply turn off their monitor to avoid having such things clipped out of context. Regardless of how strict Twitch’s moderation can get, there will always be creeps on the platform ready to clip even the slightest of NSFW content they find on the platform.

Is it up to the streamers and their moderators to control their streams or Twitch’s responsibility to control predators? It is a thin line to walk on as there are way too many streamers to have Twitch manually moderate and find offenders who clip such content. On the other hand, there are a lot of clips that are impossible to detect as “vulgar” via algorithms as people like top clip basic actions like standing up, squatting, or more.

One of the solutions that have become commonplace among streamers who are fed up of the recent happenings on Twitch is VTubing. It is essentially a means of digitizing your face and persona instead of going on camera. While Pokimane is not the first to use the technology, her usage has garnered a lot of attention. A lot of long-term fans have become angry about her using it for her streams. It is an effective means of cutting off people who are after creepy clips, but it also removes the link between the streamer and the audience. While it is completely possible for streamers to grow and thrive on Twitch without being on camera a single time in their lives, most streamers who are on the platform eventually start using facecams as it has been proven time and again to garner more viewers.

People who watch streams on any of the platforms are not just in it for the games, but for the entertainment that the streamers often provide. Sure there is the case for streamers who draw attention purely for their skill and nothing else. But most people hop onto the platform to just unwind and relax. Taking the face cam away makes it hard to connect with people but it turns out that it is a safe compromise from keeping creeps away.

Hopefully, Twitch finds a way of dealing with such creeps who take things out of context as well as streamers who abuse the platform’s terms of service just for cheap views in a bid to get more subscribers on the platform. After all, an easy way to popularity often leads to negative attention from more sensible viewers and they often take things a bit too far and get banned.

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