Pokimane Replies To Streamer Who Said Twitch Viewers Are Irresponsible With Money For Not Subbing

Pokimane Replies To Streamer Who Said Twitch Viewers Are Irresponsible With Money For Not Subbing
  • Twitch streamer InvaderVie recently stated that “If you don’t have $10, you don’t have time to watch Twitch.”
  • Popular streamer Pokimane replies to InvaderVie for calling out her viewers for not subbing.

Streaming has become a fulltime job. It’s responsible for the livelihood of tens of thousands of people, if not more.  A decade ago, none of us would have thought about something like streaming could be considered as a fulltime career, but with the rise of viewership and Twitch partnerships, it has become a reality. Today, streaming is a huge industry and we have every kind of person from around the world streaming and connecting with their fans. Of course, most of the streamers are gamers, however, there are other kinds of streamers as well. As streamers started to earn more and more money, this field became more desirable to venture in.

There are personalities like Ninja who have paved the way for streamers. His rise to fame is not only due to his gaming skills, but his showmanship online. That is an important quality to have in order to separate yourself from the rest. But. not everyone has showmanship and some people are not cut for the streaming industry. Yesterday, a steamer named InvaderVie called out her viewers who were not able to afford $5 to sub.

InvaderVie Makes Controversial Statement on Twitch

In a recent stream,  InvaderVie stopped what she was doing and started to talk about viewers who are not subbing for $5. Here is the clip below:

The incident happened yesterday and it became a huge topic of conversation with InvaderVie right in the middle of it. The streamer called out to her viewers and stated:

“It doesn’t matter how broke you are, if you have time to watch Twitch, you have ten dollars, truly. If you don’t have ten dollars, you probably don’t have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working.”

She then continued: **Warning: Clip is NSFW**

This created a backlash for InvaderVie and popular streamers voiced their concern over her behavior. One of these streamers was Pokimane, and as we all know she is probably the biggest female Twitch persona. Pokimane reacted to the situation from her Twitter.

Pokimane continued her rant about the situation after this with the following  “Not to mention that tons of people watch streams after a day of hard work, or while being broke college students, or a multitude of other situations where they need to be more frugal, take these shitty takes off my TL and off my streaming platform“. Of course, getting slammed by a huge Twitch personality is bad for InvaderVie’s reputation. However, it can even turn in her favor because there are many who talked about her, and it is the best publicity you can ever find without spending a dollar.

Why InvaderVie’s Remarks Are Bad

To understand what is happening here, you need to understand the Twitch business model. Without going into detail, essentially Twitch account holders are able to get “subscribers” from viewers. Each subscriber spends $5 for a subscription, no matter the account, and that is split between the streamer and Twitch. In a nutshell, this is the bread and butter for Twitch streamers apart from the ad revenue they get on their accounts. But the ad revenue isn’t as desirable as subscribers since a subscription is done on a monthly basis with minimums.

What InvaderVie was getting at was probably the low engagement rate she gets from her viewers. She might have been talking about the “follower/subscriber” rate and that there are more followers but no one really subscribing, hence her going on the rant of “it’s only $5” talk. She went beyond that to state that if you’re watching her channel right now, you have time to be on Twitch and can afford $5. If not, you should go to work to make money.

Currently, InvaderVie has around 150,000 followers. Out of that 150k, we’re not sure how many subscribers she has, but if she wants to gain more followers and potential subscribers, she might want to change the strategy around.


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