RiceGum Back At It Again! Gets Instagram Models To Rate Popular Streamers

RiceGum Back At It Again! Gets Instagram Models To Rate Popular Streamers
  • RiceGum gets a few of his Instagram model friends to rate some of the most popular streamers. This time, he gets them to rate TSM Hamlinz.

Ricegum On Twitch

RiceGum has started to stream on Twitch again, and he came back from a little break a few months back. Before that, his fans were wondering where he was at since his Twitch channel was not seeing any updates. Well, RiceGum didn’t really leave, he was just concentrating on his vlogs for YouTube, which is where he not only had the most success in his career, but also where he has the most followers.

For those who don’t know RiceGum is one of the biggest Youtubers. He has around 11 million subscribers and continues to go strong. To push the limits, RiceGum started to stream Fortnite on Twitch. But he wasn’t just like any other streamer. Ricegum brought something fresh to the table. He would host Instagram Models on his channel and interview them while playing Fortnite. This definitely generated some interesting clips to say the least. Most of the time RiceGum is just teasing and playing around with the models, but there’s one segment during his stream that we can’t get enough off, and we’re glad to see it back.


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RiceGum Gets Instagram Models To Rate TSM Hamlinz

Everyone knows RiceGum likes to play around with his friends, and he famously does so through the “rating game”. Basically what he does is get whichever Instagram Model he is hosting on his stream to rate certain streamers. He pulls up a picture of the streamer, sometimes an unflattering picture, and asks his guest(s) to rate the streamer. This time, TSM Hamlinz was Ricegums latest victim. Watch as Rice asks his guests to rate Hamlinz:

As he showed Hamlinz’s picture, one of the girls said, “I would give him a 6“, in which RiceGum responds with, “Damn.”  His other guest gave Hamlinz a 5 and tried to cover up her reasoning saying “he looks nice, but he’s not the usual type I’d go for, so like, I’ll give him 5“. It seems that this time around RiceGum’s guests were a little harsh on their rating. But Rice tried to make a positive of the average rating by saying, “so that’s 11. It’s not bad, add them together“.

Although Hamlinz got a low rating this time around, he’ll probably be featured again for RiceGum’s rating game. Stay tuned as we have more streamers getting rated!

TSM Hamlinz Gets Rated By Instagram Models

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