Shroud Gambles By Opening A CS:GO Case In Middle Of Defusing A Bomb

Shroud Gambles By Opening A CSGO Case In Middle Of Defusing A Bomb
  • One of the most famous streamers on Twitch, Shroud,  showed us how much he actually likes playing video games. During his match on Cache, shroud opened the CS:GO case in the middle of bomb-defusing but still got it in time.

Shroud is addicted to opening CS:GO cases

Although CS:GO has become free-to-play, Valve still makes a ton of money through in-game transactions. CS:GO players can buy a bunch of different things in the game such as stickers, music kits, and keys for cases with skins.

Cases can be bought in-game, and are quite expensive. Each of these cases contains a number of skins of different quality and market value. Hence, you can get gloves, knife skins or some other really expensive skins which literally costs hundreds and even thousands of dollars. But, the catch is that most of the skins you get from these cases are very cheap. Accordingly, whoever opens CS:GO cases is always on the losing side. That’s why opening cases is kind of gambling and that’s why is it so addictive.

Even mature and experienced players like shroud cannot resist to this addictive gambling technique. One of the clips that last for only several seconds basically sums up how big problem CS:GO cases can be. Shroud saw that one case costs $20 and he couldn’t believe how expensive it is. Nevertheless, he bought two of them.

Shroud opened a CS:GO case interrupting bomb-defusing

Usually, players like to open CS:GO cases before or after the game. You can rarely see any player opening container with skins in the middle of the game because FPS players know that the start of any match is crucial since everyone rushes to a specific point to set themselves up for a fight. However, Shroud opened two in a single round without any regard. Mind you, Shroud is an ex-esports CS:GO professional. He lived and breathed this game, and is insanely good at it.

Firstly, he opened one case prior to A-site retake for “good luck” as he said. He didn’t even look at what he got, he just kept moving to A-site. It turned out that case opening indeed brought luck to shroud and his team as they succeeded in retaking the site. Moreover, shroud got two kills.

His teammates couldn’t believe the case opening actually “helped” them to win the round. Then, shroud went to C4 and started defusing the bomb. One of his teammates said: “You are actually defusing instead of opening? What are you doing?”

Shroud said he was right and he interrupted defusing to open another CS:GO case even though a lot of time passed since Ts planted the bomb. Nevertheless, Shroud managed to defuse the bomb just about time and his team won the round. This can be done only by someone who really likes playing game and doesn’t care about the outcome. But, we are sure he made his team very uncomfortable with that bomb-defusing interruption.

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