Shroud Talks About Reddit’s LiveStreamFails

Shroud Talks About Reddit's LiveStreamFails

Popular Streamer Shroud talks about one of Reddit’s most popular streaming related pages. Here’s what he has to say.


Streamers lives are not private. If you are living your life in front of a camera which is what streamers do, you cannot expect privacy. People will record everything that they find interesting about you. These clips or videos can be found everywhere. Youtube or Twitch is normal places that you can find these. But Reddit is something else. Reddit is one of the biggest websites in the world. Anybody can open a thread and people can start talking giving their perspective on the matter. So some people open threads on history and some open things like Livestream Fails. Remember what Ninja said several months ago. “I say something and everyone goes berserk on Reddit so I cannot do that anymore.” You can see Ninja’s talk in the first 1 minute of the video down below about being the “old Ninja“:

So Reddit is one of the places where people will roast everyone. Of course, Reddit is one of the best places to access information and discuss things with other people from all over the world. But when it is streamers that get posted on the Reddit, it is generally an instant roast fest which is unfortunate.

Shroud Talks About Reddit

Recently, Shroud shared his thoughts about Reddit, specifically about one page. Shroud stated that LiveStreamFails Reddit thread is trash. Here’s the clip:

This is completely normal coming from the streamer’s perspective. Generally, streamers get roasted there or sometimes even insulted. Some of the most unflattering clips are uploaded there. However, this is how things are. Streamers cannot let themselves go and stream like they used to be. They have to careful of what they say in front of the camera or sometimes even when they are tweeting about something. They can lose sponsorships and etc. Because of this backlash. Some people do not enjoy streamers and their earning potential. For some, streamers need to be always mature and saying the right things because there are children watching them.

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