Stream Sniping Gets You Banned in Fortnite. Just Ask Lazarbeam.

Stream Sniping Gets You Banned in Fortnite. Just Ask Lazerbeam.

Fortnite Battle Royale became a different game now. The typical Fortnite celebrities are moving aside and other players are filling their spots. One of these stars and streamer mrfreshasian and he is a pretty good player from Oceania. This is great since other regions besides EU and NA are generally not very strong. But mrfreshasian is doing good and achieving good results over in the last few Fortnite Champion series.


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Being a good player will connect you with different personalities in the space, and one of those personalities is another popular streamer by the name of Lazarbeam. Lazarbema is always trying to prank mr freshasian in various ways and the funniest thing happened a recently. Lazar got banned from Fortnite for trying to stream snipe mrfreshasian.

Lazarbeam Gets Banned for Stream Sniping

The incident happened over one of his recently played games. When mrfreshasian loaded into the match, so did Lazarbeam and he teamed up with other players as well. While mrfreshasian had no idea what was going on, Lazarbeam and several other players started to shoot him across the map. Later towards the end of the round we saw, Lazarbeam and other players trying to shoot mrfreshasian’s choppa and things escalated. They were not trying to eliminate him and decided that they can shoot bounce him into the storm with bounce pads. Mrfreshasian was able to dodge these and while other streamers were trying to shoot mrfreshasian the ban occurred and all the other players including Lazarbeam got banned in mid-game.

Of course, this was a very funny situation, and many players enjoyed the video, while mrfreshasian announced from his Twitter with a clip that Lazarbeam was banned in the midgame. Prank aside the reason for the ban was not that, it was teaming up with other players and this was a violation of Epic Games user agreement. Most probably Lazarbeam’s ban will be lifted, however, it does happen in the game sometimes and developers are certainly entitled to ban them.

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