Streamer Gets Trolled On For Switching To Full Screen. “You Guys Are Just Virgins”

Streamer Gets Trolled On For Switching To Full Screen. “You Guys Are Just Virgins”

Fortnite Streamer Demisxxual had a confrontation with her viewers after switching to full screen before taking a quick break. Here’s what happened.

Who is Demisxxual?

Sonni, who goes by the name Demisxxual online, is a full-time Twitch Streamer. She only streams Fortnite Battle Royale and has garnered a lot of followers; around the 70k mark. She typically streams with a friend and chats with her viewers while playing the game. On her Twitch account, she doesn’t say much about herself, other than being 5’1, 19 years old and living on the East side. She also mentions that she streams every day.


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Demisxxual also has other social channels such as Instagram and Twitter which she goes by her Twitch name. She also has YouTube channel where she vlogs once in a while.

Demisxxual Gets Into Confrontation With Viewers

During Demisxxual’s recent stream, she was finishing up a game of Fortnite when she said she had to really go to the bathroom. Right before she got up, she switched to full screen and then proceeded to exit her room.

As she left the room, users in the chatbox were making all types of childish comments, followed by emotes. One user proceeded to say, “some of you are virgins and it shows”, referring to the comments being made. As users in the chat were going back and forth insulting each other, one user said,

“I like how she went to full screen before she stood up”

When Demisxxual got back to her chair, she read the comment out loud and then gave her response to it.

She said, “Do you understand that, like no matter where I, like what I’m doing, if I stand up it’s a normal action?“. It seems that the comment irritated Demi as she continued to address it.

“You Guys are just virgins.”

She continued saying, “and think it’s like something that big of a deal because you see some girls butt? You’re a virgin. You see people stand up every day. You see people walking by every day. You absolute virgin. Jesus Chr***”.

Twitch Image?

There seems to be this stigma surrounding the image of a streamer, and one user was poking fun at Demi suggesting she switch to full screen to give viewers a better view of her. Regardless of what the case was for Demi, many streamers switch to full screens if they have to go on break. So you can call it however you want. However, there’s a shared assumption around the streaming community that streamers need to go the extra mile for views.


One popular streamer by the name of CinCinBear addressed it, saying that some streamers feel the pressure to stay on top of their game and present a certain image to their users that they believe they want to see. Another streamer by the name of Esfand, said he wants to change his strategy in getting more viewers by switching the camera angle towards his chest and streaming that way. Of course, he said this in a sarcastic manner. Was that the case here? You can be the judge.

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