Streamer Has Panic Attack Over Being Continuously Banned On Twitch

Streamer Has Panic Attack Over Being Continuously Banned On Twitch
  • Popular Twitch Streamer, velvet_7, recently had a panic attack that was caught on her recent stream for being banned and unbanned on Twitch. She gives her explanation.

Who Is Velvet?

Velvet is a 22-year old streamer from South Korea living in Canada. She’s a fulltime Twitch and YouTube streamer creating content around K-pop Dance, ASMR, mukbang, and gaming. She recently started Twitch roughly 7 months ago, and has close to 100,000 followers which is an impressive number by any means. Some streamers have spent years streaming and haven’t broken the 10k mark.  Velvet is also an Instagram model who has her own Patreon page where she produces exclusive content for her followers/subscribers which she calls “Knights”.


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I’m streaming now on Twitch!! ♥️♥️ #twitch #streamer #mirrorselfie

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Velvet also has other social media channels, and you can find her on Discord, YouTube and Twitter.

Velvet Has Panic Attack Over Being Continuously Banned On Twitch

During one of Velvet’s recent streams, something didn’t seem right. When Velvet started her stream, she wasn’t her happy-go-lucky self. Then, she started to break down and cry. She continued to cry for a while and viewers were genuinely concerned about what was happening. One viewer in the chatbox said it’s because Twitch continues to ban her.

The clip is hard to watch, especially for viewers who know Velvet and have been following her for months. Velvet has a positive attitude and is always trying to create good content for her followers. You might be thinking why is she crying to much over a ban on Twitch. Well, for fulltime streamers like Velvet, this is her living. This is how she is able to pay her bills and make money. Perhaps she has another job, but dedicating most of her time to stream means she’s fully committed.

When Twitch bans your account, you lose all of your subscribers, which is the bread and butter for all streamers. Subscribers (not followers) pay a monthly subscription to support their streamers and also receive exclusive content or emotes. So when Twitch banned Velvet, she instantly lost everything in a snap of a finger. She also says that she doesn’t know why she gets banned because she follows Twitch’s guidelines.

For those who are unaware, Twitch bans accounts on a regular basis. Most of the time it’s for good reason, either the streamer is promoting hate speech or being incredibly vulgar and aggressive. We’ve seen Dellor, another popular streamer, get his subscriber button removed by Twitch for being sexist during a live stream. Twitch has zero-tolerance for these type of streamers. But in Velvets case, it seems that she has been banned and unbanned continuously, which does take a toll on someone who’s committing all their time and making a living out of streaming.

Hopefully, thing’s get cleared up with Velvet and that she can continuing streaming.

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