Streamer Plans On Quitting Twitch After Coming Back From Ban

Streamer Plans On Quitting Twitch After Coming Back From Ban

Roughly a month ago, popular streamer Dellor returned to Twitch after getting a 30-day ban. Now he plans on leaving the platform indefinitely.

Streamer Gets 30 Day Ban For Saying Sexist Remark

Popular streamer Dellor was banned around two months ago for a comment he made to someone on Apex Legends. During one of his live streams, he asked one of his teammates not to touch a body shield, in which the teammate didn’t listen. That’s when things started to get heated and Dellor made a sexist comment to his teammate. Later that day he received a message from Twitch saying he was banned.

After Dellor’s 30 day ban, his account was unlocked only to find out that his subscriber button was taken away from him. For those unfamiliar with Twitch might not understand the impact that would have to a streamer. Essentially, the subscriber button is what helps keep many streamers “streaming” full time. Every time someone subscribes to a channel, they are paying a monthly fee, and this is where streamers make their living from. Other bigger streamers have huge advertising deals and won’t go under if their subscriber count is taken away from them, but for streamers like Dellor who rely on that can be detrimental. Dellor showed how impactful this was as he cried almost the entire first stream back. However, he continued to stream in hopes of Twitch issuing his subscribe button again.

Dellor Tried To Do Good

Dellor, who has a history in esports and controversial news turned to Twitch to build his own brand and make a living off of the platform. Before his ban, he had 344k followers with around 2,000 monthly subscribers. He was doing quite well for himself and built an image as the “Rage Streamer”. Although he isn’t part of the prestige club of streamers (1 million +), he was doing good on his own. Of course, until he was banned.

After putting up with Twitch for one month and continuing to stream on a daily basis proved to be a lost cause for Dellor. He continued to try and provide entertainment to his fans, and he would receive donations and some revenue from ads displayed on his channel, however, it’s nothing compared to earnings coming from subscribers. After a month of grinding, today Dellor cracked and couldn’t take it anymore.

Fans saw a tired Dellor in one of his last matches. It seemed like he didn’t have the energy to continue pursuing the chance of getting back his subscriber button from Twitch. He said, “I’m trying to show I’m not a fu**ing crazy, and I can be on this fu**ing platform. I can’t talk about this sh*t. Just fu**ing really really depressed man. Like really really bad.

He then continued saying, “Every day I hear something different. Someone pm’s me and says ‘I work with Twitch, like I’ve heard this and this and then their like faking it’. And then someone else says like ‘oh there’s no way you’re gonna get it back. Every they’ve done this to anyone it’s permanent. And there are other people, ‘ Oh, you might be able to get it back if you prove yourself.’ Like I just hear all this different sh*t man. Every fu**ing night I’m waking up with fu**ing anxiety, fu**ing panic attacks like 4 to 5 times a night“.

At this point, viewers were learning that Dellor is trying everything he can to get back on good terms with Twitch. But it doesn’t seem to have yielded the results he was looking for. Monetization platforms like Twitch are very strict with their rules, and it doesn’t matter who you are or how many followers you have. If you do something that goes against their terms in a severe case like Dellor making a sexist comment, the hammer will come down no matter what.

Dellor Leaving Twitch
Dellor Plans On Quitting Twitch

After realizing that Twitch wasn’t going to view his case any different than someone with a few followers, Dellor seemed to realize that he might need to move on.

In his last match, Dellor just lost all motivation.

“I think I’m going to go guys”

Then Dellor read a comment in the chatbox that said he should move on, and that’s when Dellor broke down.

As he slammed his fist on the table, Dellor got up and started to cry, realizing that this might be the end for him. In cases like this, despite Dellor’s popularity on the platform, Twitch is making an example out of him. If future streamers want to make ruthless comments, for example, about gender, that they might get banned for life, or lose specific features on the platform.

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