Summit1g Getting Cocky? Takes Out Whole Team in Warzone

Summit1g Getting Cocky Takes Out Whole Team in Warzone

Summit1g has been playing a lot of Call of Duty Warzone recently. Who’s to blame him? It’s one of the hottest games out right now, and it’s free-to-play. Despite there being some cheating issues with the game, people are still playing it and loving every minute.

Some of the most popular streamers in the world have switched to playing Warzone for a bit. Typical Fortnite Streamers like Cloakzy started playing it, and he primarily plays Fortnite so to switch games for some time is quite rare. Dr Disrespect and Shroud are playing the game to death and it seems like battle royale games continue to go on Strong. Well, what happens when you play a game a lot? You get good at it. Throw in an ex-professional CS:GO player and you’ll have a killing machine. Well, that’s the level that Summit1g is at right now, it didn’t take him long to learn the game mode.

Summit1g Gets Cocky

In a recent stream, Summit1g was playing Warzone and was with his regular group of friends. As he was progressing through the map, he reached the ATC Tower and pulled out his sniper rifle. Right before this, Summit just finished off 3 guys and was going in for more. He was literally on fire this match. Watch for yourselves:

Summit1g pulled his sniper rifle out and was one-shotting guys from a distance. It seemed like he was even playing with them, not missing a beat and then giving some funny commentary while doing so. He ends up taking out the whole team and then finishes off an enemy in close proximity.

It looks like Summit1g is on a whole other level and that he’s going through matches seamlessly. Although he doesn’t always come out on top as that would be impossible, his win-loss ratio and K/D must be impressive. We’d sure love to see those numbers. One thing for certain, we wouldn’t want to be in the same match as Summit1g.

Summit1g playing Call of Duty Warzone

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