Sydsogood Reveals Her Favorite TV Shows While Streaming Black Ops 4

Esports Sydsogood Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Stream Twitch IGN Host
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Sydsogood was playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 when she started chatting with viewers in the group chat about what are the best TV shows out there. This is what she had to say.

Who is Sydsogood?

Sydsogood, also known as Sydnee Goodman is a host and producer at IGN. She’s also a professional streamer where she currently has close to 9,000 subscribers and growing quickly. Sydsogood is well versed in the video game world as she previously did multiple guest appearances on premium gaming outlets on Twitch including IGN Live streams to showcase newly released content.

This has also led her to opportunities such as collaborating with AMD and being the backstage host for The Game Awards in 2017.

Having quite the gaming background, Sydnee created a sort of intro video for her highlights over the years which you can see above. Sydnee Goodman also has a soft spot for Fortnite Battle Royale which she streams on her channel every so often. When she’s not streaming Fortnite, she’s roaming around to hug a Durr Burger.

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Just me and my main man, Durr Burger

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Gamer at heart

Sydsogood is also very good at video games. Having her own Twitch channel where she showcases games like Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Halo, Fortnite and other titles. She even entered a Halo 5 doubles tournament back in September of 2018. Although Halo isn’t her best game, she’s definitely a competitor.

It only makes sense for Sydsogood to have her own Twitch channel. She does already have a YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat. There’s close to a 100,000 followers across them all, so why not add Twitch to the mix?

Esports Sydsogood Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Stream Twitch IGN Host Sydnee Goodman
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She Likes a Conversation

While Sydnee is tearing up with Black Ops 4 scene and running down enemies, she also takes the time to chat with her viewers. She’s talked on a number of topics and even asked her viewers how everyone’s New Years Eve went, read all the responses in the chat.

During one session on Twitch, the topic about TV shows came up.

She was asked what are her favorite shows in which she replied that Sabrina the Teenage Witch was one of them. Sydnee also said that she’s a huge fan of The Disney Channel Original Films. One user in the chat replied with, “to be honest, Seinfeld is the best show ever“. Another user asked, “do you like the new sabrina?”, since Netflix added a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch show on their streaming service.

It’s always great when popular streamers share a bit of their personal life with you; it creates engagement and allows her viewers to feel a connection with Sydsogood. If Twitch streamers were just playing their game and not really engaging with their viewers, they’d definitely have a hard time getting more subscribers and people interested to tune into their channel. But sydsogood will definitely not have that kind of issue.

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