SypherPK Slams Fortnite: “It’s Not Fun Anymore”

SypherPK Slams Fortnite It's Not Fun Anymore
  • Popular Fortnite Streamer SypherPK stated that Fortnite is not fun anymore and content creators do not stream the game like they used to.

Fortnite Battle Royale has been out for more than two and a half years. The game has seen some ups and downs during that time, like any multiplayer game. Fortnite had some issues over the last few months, these issues reflected on the community. The community is not happy with the state of the game, and popular streamers are voicing their concern. When Fortnite was released, it was something new and exciting; the whole building aspect and Battle Royale mode was out of this world. This gave Fortnite a huge advantage over their competitors in the multiplayer space. But, as the game became more popular by the day, bigger problems started to occur. The latest concern has to do with the Ranked playlist and SBMM in Fortnite.

Fortnite and SBMM

SBMM issues are in every game now. These are making pro players unhappy because it takes away from the fun of the game. The days of pro players getting incredible kill numbers are gone because of SBMM. Since SBMM matches you with players of your own skill level, you are constantly fighting with very good players. SypherPK stated this problem and said,

“with SBMM there’s a smaller pool of people to play with, which means it’s easier to get stream sniped”.

This is one of the main reasons for Fortnite players do not want to play the game anymore. The number one advertisement for your games are streams, and what if streamers do not want to play your game anymore?

We have seen these issues with the new Call of Duty Warzone as well. In that game also players are stating that they are tired of the SBMM in games. Because it takes away the fun out of it. The same SBMM problems happened to Apex Legends. Fortnite developers included the SBMM feature last year and since then there is a drop in player counts. Fortnite also became extremely hard for beginners.

Generally, if you are entering a Ranked match before putting a few hundred hours, you are toast. We do not know how Epic Games will respond to this. Their venture on Epic Games Store is fueled mostly from the income of Fortnite. If Fortnite falls from grace, we are wondering what will happen to the Epic Games Store as well.

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