Teammate Saves Dr Disrespect From Raging On Apex Legends

Teammate Saves Dr Disrespect From Raging On Apex Legends
  • Dr Disrespect was going to go on his signature rage after he was knocked down in Apex Legends. But his teammate saved this from happening in a clutch moment.

Dr Disrespect’s Rage

One of the most popular video game streamers in the world is Dr Disrespect. If you haven’t heard of him yet, chances are you don’t browse through Twitch often or check out Game Life’s streamer news. The “Doc”, as people call him like’s to bring his A-game to every live stream. He’s called the “Doc of all trades” because he can compete in any new game. Although Dr Disrespect doesn’t play professionally, he can compete at the highest level in any game.

But one signature thing about the Doc is his rages. When things don’t go his way, or when he gets killed in an unorthodox way he’ll usually rage, and it’s hilarious. He’s had some pretty funny moments, like the time he beat up his gamer chair, or how about the time he thought he lost his mind. The Doc is also very opinionated and isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially on a new game releases that don’t meet his expectations. Fortunately for Apex Legends, Dr Disrespect had a lot of good things to say about the game. Although it’s not perfect, you can find him playing it now, especially since Season 3 is out.

Teammate Saves Dr Disrespect From Raging On Apex Legends

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect was in heated battle in Apex. While he was trying to shoot the enemy from a distance, he was getting hit at the same time. The animation on screen disoriented Dr Disrespected and he lost his focus on his target. Then this happened.

The Doc was furious because of the on-screen animation from being shot. Like he said,

“I don’t even know wtf I am looking at.”

Then Doc then stood up and was going to go on a rant, right until his teammate came over and revived him. In an instant, the Doc shut off all emotions and went back to focusing on the game. It’s hilarious to see one of the biggest ragers in the game shut off his emotions like that and get back to what matters; gaming. We’ll be sure to see Dr Disrespect playing a lot of Apex Legends now since Season 3 is out and there’s a completely new map. Respawn has done a good job with the new season that everyone is getting addicted to the game again. As the Doc said towards the end of the game, “I’m addicted and it sucks“.

Doc Gets Pissed in Apex Legends
Source: Dr Disrespect Twitch

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