Tfue Breaks Up With His Girlfriend, Corinna Kopf

Tfue Breaks Up With His Girlfriend, Corinna Kopf
Source: Tfue YouTube

Popular streamer Tfue and Corinna Kopf have ended their relationship.

Tfue Breaks Up With His Girlfriend, Corinna Kopf

Most of the popular Twitch streamers prefer to hide their relationships. There are some reasons behind this, but privacy issues are number one. Imagine the stream snipers we see in each of these streams. Now let us think what would happen if a relationship went public;  not all viewers are friendly and there’s always a security issue. However, even when the situation was like this, Turner “tfue” Tenner and Corinna Kopf made their relationship as public as it can be from the start. The couple announced their relationship a few months back in March.

However, there were some claims regarding that their relationship was not going very well. Today, Corinna Kopf’s announcement via her Twitter confirmed this. Let us check her tweet out.

Corinna Kopf Announces Break-up Via Twitter

Of course, there are some pointers to look out on this tweet. Corinna Kopf mentions the distance and this was due to the two living in different cities. However, some have pointed out that there is more to the tweet than meets the eye.

Several of the users accused Corinna Kopf of being a Gold digger. Of course, we cannot know the inside of the relationship, nor it is our place to make accusations.

Tfue, on the other hand, chose to announce the break from his twitter with a single emote. A Broken Heart.

Despite the break-up, some comments have pointed out that Corinna will be fine on her own. Of course, Corinna Kopf is also a youtuber, and she has over 1.5 million subscribers on Youtube (and she does stream also). Reading more into the comment section, several users are claiming Tfue is over Corinna Kopf, and she will find someone else in 2 minutes. There can be some harsh things said on Twitter, however, you need to take everything with a grain of salt. Best of luck to the two of them.


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