Twitch 200 Hour Club – World Record For Longest Twitch Stream

Twitch 200 Hour Club - World Record For Longest Twitch Stream

In the world of Twitch, streamers do some crazy things, and we’ve seen many instances of streamers on the wild side, or even having a really awkward moment to catch the viewers attention. But recently, something interesting has popped up. Streamers are now going for the World Record for longest Twitch stream and it seems that more people are doing it today. However, it’s a record that few streamers will attempt. Why? Because it’s incredibly exhausting to do, but most importantly, it’s time-consuming.

World Record For Longest Twitch Stream

A few weeks ago, LosPollosTV made headlines for breaking the longest Twitch record for streaming which was 195 Hours 36 Minutes 17 Seconds. Since then, we’ve seen many attempts to break this record, but only some have actually gone through. CallMeCypher is one of those streamers who took a dive in the deep end and went through with the attempt to break the record. Who is CallMeCypher? In his Twitch profile, he says: “My name is CallMeCypher. I play Overwatch and Fortnite for Texas A&M University (DPS/Flex). I’ve been playing video games basically all my life and played competitively in FPS games for 8 years (Halo, CS:GO, TF2, Overwatch and Fortnite).” Considering his competitive nature, it’s only fitting that he would attempt to go all out and try and break the Twitch record.

Well, a few days ago he finally achieved his goal and broke the World Record for the longest Twitch stream. Now, he would go on top of LosPollosTV. You can see the exact moment he finally realizes he past the brutal 195 Hours 36 Minutes 17 Seconds set by LosPollosTV:

As soon as CallMeCypher passed the mark, you can see a sign of relief wash over him in an awesome wave. The chat started flooding with congrats messages. It’s an incredible feat and Cypher wasn’t going to stop there unless of course there would be a technical issue. Well, seems like it was inevitable for something like that to happen right when a record is broken. The timer that he had stopped at 198:14:27. Prior to this, Cypher was trying to free up space on his computer and see what he can do to make sure nothing would happen. But, the timer stopped and there wasn’t anything he was able to do.

Even though the timer stopped, he continued streaming and finally reached a time of 200 Hours 18 Minutes 17 Seconds. Cypher was able to hold onto that record for a few days until it was broken by a streaming duo under the name ThatFunkieMunkie.

Who is ThatFunkieMunkie?

Jonathan Mansfield is known at ThatFunkieMunkie on Twitch. He’s a multi-player streamer who doesn’t stick to one game and plays a variety of different games/genres from FPS to adventure games. Recently, ThatFunkieMunkie also decided to take on the daunting task of achieving the world record for the longest Twitch stream. He wasn’t alone in this journey as Jon and his girlfriend Kyle both worked together to make this special endeavor happen.

During their run, ThatFunkieMunkie played a variety of games from Tabletop Simulator to Spyro Reignited Trilogy. A lot of the times they would be in “Just Chatting”, a category in Twitch that lets streamers talk or stream random stuff that’s not necessarily video game related. It gives a chance to viewers to get close and personal with their favorite streamers.

After the longest stream of their lives, both Jon and Kyle hit the 205 hours, 4 mins, 3 seconds mark, making them the world record holders for the longest Twitch stream. An incredible feat that shows what you can accomplish if you are committed and resilient. Watch ThatFunkieMunkie set the latest world record on Twitch:

There will be many more streamers attempting to break the new record, but one thing is for sure; there’s a new Twitch Club called the “200 Hour Club”, and so far we only know of two streamers who have that title: CallMeCypher and ThatFunkieMunkie. Congrats to both streamers for getting into this obscure club. Twitch should seriously consider sending out plaques for people who have streamed that long, and if I were either of these streamers, I would contact Twitch immediately!

Congrats also to ThatFunkieMunkie for clocking in 205 hours, 4 mins, 3 seconds for the new record.

If you’re interested in following these streamers, here are their Twitch channels:

CallMeCypher Twitch Channel

ThatFunkieMunkie Twitch Channel

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