Twitch Has A New Star Named BrookeAB

Who Is BrookeAB Twitch Has a New Star Streamer

Thousands of people have turned to a career in streaming. Although there are new streamers that make their way to Twitch, not all of them are guaranteed to be successful. However, one new streamer, BrookeAB, is quickly becoming the next Twitch star.

Twitch Has A New Star Named BrookeAB

If I told you 10 years ago that people would have a career in streaming you’d probably reply with, “what is streaming?”. If I told you 5 years ago people would be streaming as their full-time job you’d say I’m crazy. Well, times have changed.

Many years ago, most parents would be against their child streaming; they would be pushing them to find a “real” job. If you were playing video games all day it was considered a “waste of time” to some. However, things started to change. Video games started becoming a much bigger part of our daily lives because of mobile gaming. As well, streaming services like YouTube and now Twitch grew substantially in the gaming world and allowed gamers to stream their gameplay. This was a big game changer as slowly, more and more gamers would have their own Twitch account. Now, streaming has become a huge topic in the gaming world, and hundreds of thousands of people stream.

Something to Think About

The world of gaming could be compared to actual sports; not in the actionable sense, but in terms of ‘players’ success. If you compare how much a superstar athlete makes nowadays would be unthinkable decades ago. More money is being poured into professional sports from advertisers, demanding more air time. The same thing could be seen with Esports and streaming since companies are trying to enter this arena one way or another. We have big companies sponsoring teams and star streamers and Pro Players.

The first biggest star was obviously Ninja. He changed the gaming scene forever. Ninja became a huge success just from streaming video games. Ninja has achieved a lot in his early career. He has been featured on ESPN magazine, had a few Jimmy Fallon appearances as well as appearing on the Ellen show. He’s also held many charities raising millions of dollars. But he’s not the only success on the popular streaming platform, Twitch. The streaming service is bringing up another generation of stars into our daily lives. We have hundreds of Twitch streamers nowadays that are insanely successful, and today we have a new rising talent by the name of BrookeAB.

Who is BrookeAB?

BrookeAB is one of the fastest growing Twitch streamers with close to 300k followers. Her channel blew up since her stream of the Fortnite PRO-AM. She predominantly streams Fortnite, which is one of the reasons why her stream has grown so fast. Fortnite has one of the largest viewership on Twitch, and there are over 200 million Fortnite players as reported by Paul Tassi of Forbes.

With that said, we quickly checked Twitch Metrics to see what is going on, and we can clearly see how fast her channel is growing.



BrookeAB has not been streaming for that long, just over 200 days; not even a year. However, her numbers are soaring since May, and she had the most views on July 16th which happened to be the Fortnite Pro-Am. Without a doubt, she will be one of the biggest names on Twitch.

Who is BrookeAB?

BrookeAB is from Alabama, but she moved to the West Coast of the USA. She has a degree in Psychology but has chosen to pursue streaming full time. BrookeAB is also 21 years old.

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