Twitch Streamer Loses Everything After Returning from Ban

Twitch Streamer Dellor Loses Everything After Returning from Twitch Ban

Popular streamer Dellor returned from a 30 day Twitch ban, only to find out that he lost all of his subscribers. Here’s more details on Dellor’s return.

Dellor the “Rage Streamer”

For those who don’t know who Dellor is, he’s an ex-professional gamer who has turned to streaming full time. There’s one thing that separates him from the rest of the streamers out there, and its that he rages like no one else. Dellor’s “signature” is breaking keyboards, either with his head, knee, or a hammer.

Dellor is also quite vulgar on stream and takes it out on anyone that gets in his way. Well, it seems that this time Dellor went too far. While streaming the popular battle royale game, Apex Legends, Dellor went too far by arguing with a female player. At one point in the game, he got incredibly angry at his teammate who picked up an armor he needed.

Here’s the video that got him banned:

Dellor’s poor choice of words got him banned from Twitch. But it wasn’t so much the cursing that got him banned. It’s the gender-specific insults that he made. After this confrontation, his stream went dark, and Dellor took to YouTube to explain why his channel disappeared. He did say that he was only banned for 30 days and that he would be returning on May 30th. He also made a video a few days ago celebrating his return to Twitch.

“I am unbanned but I lost everything”

On May 30th, Dellor started his stream with the title “I am unbanned but I lost everything”. Viewers were confused about what he meant, and essentially it came down to this.

Dellor said to his viewer that Twitch took away his sub button and that he lost all is followers. For those who don’t understand how streamer monetize off of Twitch, it’s mostly all through their subscribers. When you “sub” to someone, you are paying monthly to have access to their stream/special stream amenities. Twitch took that button away from Dellor which means he won’t be making money from his subscribers, which is the bread and butter of streamers.

Dellor said he doesn’t have a contact at Twitch anymore and the person he was connected to said they couldn’t help him anymore. He continued to say that he lost all his 2000 subs, so what’s the point of streaming anymore. As well, he said he was one of the fastest growing channels on Twitch just before he got banned.

Now if you do the math, a Tier 1 Subscription on Twitch is $4.99. That means he was making at least somewhere around $10k a month depending on how much Twitch takes from that. Unless streamers set their own pricing plan where he might have had it at a lower price. Dr Disrespect, for example, charges $4.99 per month.

This doesn’t include his “affiliate” portion (ads shown on his channel). Now that Twitch eliminated his subscriptions, Dellor is in financial trouble. He did mention that people can still donate to him, and he will receive that money. But for those who are subscribing currently are going into the “void”.

Some users were suggesting Dellor can setup a “Patreon” page, which is another website that setups subscriptions for users who are offering some type of service (like streaming for entertainment). This seemed to depress him even more as it’s more of a hasstle to get users from Twitch to go to Patreon. At the moment, Dellor has no idea what he will do, and he mentioned that Twitch never sent him an email about the loss of subscribers, otherwise he would have looked for a job. In his latest stream, Dellor did not have any updates on his situation. His future doesn’t look very good at the moment, and it’s going to be an uphill battle to get his subscription feature back from Twitch.

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