Twitch Streamer Gives Troll A Reality Check On Last Day Of Twitch Pride Month

Twitch Streamer Gives Troll A Reality Check On Last Day Of Twitch Pride Month

Streamer HealmeHarry was the last featured partner on the homepage of Twitch for Pride Month, and he was going to wrap up Pride Month in fashion. Watch as Harry gives a reality check to one viewer.

Twitch Pride Month

Today is the last day of Pride Month on Twitch. For an entire month, Twitch was featuring LGBTQIA+ streamers to celebrate and honor the diverse voices who make up Twitch. Additionally, Twitch released limited edition 2019 Pride Tees to include the colors of the Pansexual and Asexual Flags.

“So whether you’re Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Pansexual, Asexual, or an Ally, our collection has you covered!”

Twitch has done a great job celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and bringing awareness to the 1.5 million LGBTQ young people who are in crisis or who consider suicide every year in the US (source). Buy donating to the Trevor Project, you are contributing to an important cause and helps those in need of support. Moreover, viewers were able to show their support in a number of different ways, such as using a number of creative emotes.

A total of 30 streamers were featured throughout the month of June. However, there are many more streamers out there that weren’t featured in Pride Month.

Here is the list of Twitch Streamers Featured in Pride Month:

Last Day of Twitch Pride Month

Closing out Pride Month was HealMeHarry. HealMeHarry is a Twitch partner and member of the Crystalium Team. Originally from Australia, Harry now lives in The Netherlands. Harry is also a community host for the Mog Squad.

HealMeHarry’s Twitch channel consists mostly of him playing NieR Automata and FINAL FANTASY XIV Online. Harry describes himself as a FINAL FANTASY XIV streamer who’s part of a community that “is all about hanging out, chilling and being the nerds in front of computers“. Harry also has an important message on his Twitch channel about getting along.

“Also this is a non-discriminatory space. All are welcome here provided you can not be a poo and get along with the other humans.”

Harry is also a Humble partner (supporting LGBT Foundation in the UK).

HealMeHarry Gets To the Point

During Harry’s FINAL FANTASY XIV Online stream, one viewer made an immature comment which Harry had to address. When Harry told the viewer that he made a rude comment, the viewer wanted to know why. Harry gave a straight forward response:

Harry had to present logic in the simplest way by telling the viewer that it’s not proper to walk up to a stranger and ask them about their sexuality. Then, another viewer commented, saying that 95% of the population is straight. That’s when Harry had to give a reality check saying,

“If you think that 95% of the population is straight, you really need to get out into the world. If this is a shock to you I’m sorry, but if you think 95% of the population is straight you really aren’t living in the real world. I would highly encourage you to travel, to seek out new experiences, to learn more about the world.”

On top of this, Harry said that he wasn’t going to answer trolls during the stream today, but wasn’t able to hold back. Considering that Twitch is a public platform, like any place on the net, it will attract some of the darkest and ignorant people. Harry did the right thing by confronting the trolls.

Some viewers make these type of comments to get attention from the streamer, while others do so in ignorance. Whatever the case is, Harry did the right thing by calling the users out and putting them in their place. It’s unfortunate that some people would try to ruin a special moment for a streamer. But Harry handled things perfectly, and the rest of his stream was a success.

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