Valorant Streamer Uses Last 2 Bullets For Win. Was It Luck or Skill?

Valorant Streamer Uses Last 2 Bullets For Win. Was It Luck or Skill
  • Popular streamer LIRIK possibly has one of the coolest eliminations and match victory in Valorant. Check out his 2-bullet kill for the win.

In the wonderful world of Valorant, we’ve seen some pretty amazing clips so far from streamers all around the world. We’ve seen pro players jump in and come up with all types of highlight reels. We’ve also seen some glitches with specials. But some of the most incredible clips come from unexpected scenarios as we’re about to show you.

Who is LIRIK?

Saqib “LIRIK ” Zahid, is one of the biggest streamers in the world with over 2.5 million followers on Twitch. He started back in 2011 streaming World of Warcraft, and then switched over to DayZ in 2012. According to Forbes, LIRIK is sponsored by Discord and is one of 200 influencers the company pays for promotion. LIRIK plays mostly all the new popular games that are out, and currently plays Valorant.

In 2019, Saqib Zahid announced that he would stay with Twitch and not go to Mixer as other big names like Ninja and Shroud have moved to Mixer.

2 Bullet Kill

In LIRIK’s recent stream, he was playing Valoran with his friends and going around with a heavy machinegun. As he was spraying and praying, there was a point where he had to reload after releasing a fury of bullets on the second level of the building. As he reloaded he noticed he only had 2 bullets left.

As soon as he noticed this he jokingly said, “I just need two bullets” since no one ever expects to get a kill like that. As soon as he saw the last enemy he turned and fired the last two bullets, and somehow, got the kill and the match victory. Lirik was shocked as he didn’t realize he got the kill and the match victory. He just laughed it off as it was a bizarre moment. Was it skill or was it luck? Lirik is not stranger to FPS games and he’s quite skilled in the games he plays, most recent Apex Legends. It looks like Valorant is a good fit for him.

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